A First Impression: Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara/If Her Flag Breaks

Main protag-kun is actually pretty cute.


Souta is a boy who has the ability to see “flags” on top of peoples’ heads.  He can also break flags with the right actions.  This comes in handy for breaking “death flags” that appear on people, to prevent their deaths.  However, Souta is afraid of bringing misfortune onto people, so he reflexively breaks all other flags too, such as friendship and love flags.

I almost feel ashamed for how much I laughed at this. I thought I was over high-school comedies!

Although he wants to distance himself from others, that all changes once he is enrolled into a prestigious academy.  A princess named Nanami ends up being his first “friend,” followed by a rich girl named Akane who wants to be Souta’s friend no matter what it takes.  While visiting his broken down dorm, Akane suddenly gets a death flag on herself after talking about her past to Nanami.  Souta tries desperately to break her death flag as she’s fading away, but nothing he says works.  Fortunately, he sees a love flag appear on her head, and manages to erase the death flag by kissing Akane (thus making the love flag stronger than the death flag).

Although Souta manages to save Akane, he notices a very large death flag on his own head that night…

Akane is precious and must be protected AT ALL COSTS

My Opinion:

I was not expecting to be as charmed by this series as I am.  I went into this thinking it was going to be another “Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga…”; you know, the anime where the guy is randomly presented with quizzes in his mind, with answers that determine how reality plays out.  I was fully expecting Kanojo ga Flag to be just as bad as that.  But I ended up actually being very interested in this episode, and… gdi, I actually want to watch more of this series.

The summary above makes this anime sound like a really clichéd one… which it is at times.  But the characters are just really intriguing to me.  All of the characters so far seem to have hidden pasts, and they are all pretty charming.  The episode actually starts out from Nanami’s perspective, a girl who will pursue the answer to any question no matter what.  I can already tell she’s going to be the lead girl, but she’s just so refreshing.  She’s headstrong, but not tsundere.  And she’s a princess but she doesn’t act snobbish at all.  Akane is so… “genki” that she’d usually be the type of girl I hate in anime.  But… I just found her really adorable!  I actually laughed out loud at the part where her friendship flag kept popping up no matter how many times Souta tried to break it.  Souta himself is… sort of uninteresting compared to the girls so far, but he’s a decent enough protagonist.  I always appreciate any character who sincerely tries to save other peoples’ lives even at the cost of their own happiness.

The plot so far is average.  It does remind me a little too much of TWGOK, since the protagonist there is a huge dating sim nerd so he also relies heavily on imagined “flags.”  He also “conquers” girls like how Souta “conquered” Akane in this episode.  Seriously, she ends up with a flag that says “conquered” on it.  Also, Akane managed to just magically get better all because she got a love flag put in place of a death one.  Uh.  That is not how injuries work.  Putting that aside, though; the premise of “flags” got used in a very creative way imo.  And I was actually seriously worried, because I thought they were going to kill off Akane in the very first episode.  Now that Souta has his own death flag, things are sure to get more complicated from here on out.

Overall, this was a far better series than I was expecting.  The animation is very… shojo-esque, but it’s nice enough.  Not all attempts at comedy in this series are successful, and the next episode appears to have a bunch of fanservice in it ((side-eyes)) but despite all that, I’m still very interested.  This is another potential series that I might review when all the First Impressions are over.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Oh dear……..

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