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New-comer Cocoa is a girl who is going to a new school, in a new city.  As part of the residency program, Cocoa will stay with a host-family and help with work.  While looking for the host-family’s house, Cocoa stops by at the Rabbit House café to ask for directions.  Surprisingly, the Rabbit House café IS the place where she’s going to be staying.  It’s run by a father/daughter duo—with the daughter running the café during the day, and the father running the bar at night.  Chino, the daughter, always seems to carry around a fluffy “rabbit” on her head.  Apparently his name is Tippy, and he’s the café’s mascot.

HUMOR! Apparently!

Blatant fan service is blatant. Because did Lize really need to be in her underwear for this scene? Also, pointing guns at people is apparently the height of humor.

During Cocoa’s first day working at the café, she meets with the part-timer, Lize.  Lize is the daughter of a soldier, who’s trying to act more like a normal high-schooler.  Most of Cocoa’s first day is spent trying to learn the ropes and trying to get along with the other two girls.  That night, Cocoa and Chino take a few more steps towards becoming friends.  More adventures await for Cocoa, as the next day is her first day at school.

Oh yeah, the rabbit is the grandfather… somehow. It’s never really explained.

My Opinion:

Whenever there are two anime that are quite similar story-wise or theme-wise, I always question why I like one but don’t like the other.  “Is the Order a Rabbit?” reminds me a whole lot of Non Non Biyori, which I liked a whole lot (and even did a full review of).  However, “Is the Order a Rabbit?” just felt kind of dull to me, and I think I can guess why.

“Is the Order…” relies much more on its cuteness factor than comedy factor.  And indeed, the girls, and the art-style, are very cute.  But because of the sheer reliance on cuteness, everything else was just kind of tossed aside.  Yes, the backgrounds are extremely detailed and lovely, but this series feels a little like soulless eye-candy.  The girls are painfully based on regular anime archetypes, with seemingly no attempt to make them even a little unique.  Chino’s the shy quiet girl and deadpan snarker, Cocoa’s the “genki” girl and is sort of clumsy, etc. etc.  Well, okay; Cocoa is surprisingly good at math despite seeming like “the ditz” but that is literally only brought up once this episode and then it was never mentioned again.  The most “unique” girl in the cast so far is Lize, who carries a loaded gun(?!) on herself at all times, and seems to like pointing it straight at peoples’ heads when she’s startled, all the while loudly proclaiming, “I’M A TOTALLY NORMAL GIRL, I SWEAR!!!”  …Right.

Sure there ARE some attempts at comedy made, but it’s the “lol so RANDOM” brand of comedy that I’m not too fond of.  Like Lize pointing fully loaded guns at people (because that’s so funny amirite), and also Tippy the rabbit’s true identity being Chino’s grandfather???  Yes, I’m totally serious about that last part.  Apparently Chino’s grandfather got turned into a “rabbit” but it’s never explained.  Okay anime.  Okay.

I think the thing I disliked most about this episode overall was that all the girls go around squealing about how cute certain things/the other girls are.  People can come to their own conclusions about how cute things are; once an anime starts making the characters semi-break the fourth wall just to point out how cute something is, then it’s just blatant.  It’s like having a person constantly shoving a sign in your face that says, “LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS CHARACTER/THING IS!  DON’T YOU THINK IT’S SO CUTE?!”  It’s annoying as hell.

Overall, meh.  Maybe this just wasn’t my type of thing, but so far this seems to be a series with a whole load of “cute” things but not a lot of substance to back it up.  I wouldn’t even mind another good slice-of-life series, but sadly the characters of “Is the Order…”  just don’t hold my interest.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Chino IS really cute, though. And probably the only character that didn’t get on my nerves.