I’m not sure what to feel about Nanana’s personality, but I do really like her design.


A 16-year-old boy named Juugo is supposedly exiled from his home, so he goes to Nanae Island.  Nanae Island is a man-made island that is home to special students, though Juugo mainly just goes there to get away from his folks.  Juugo gets the shock of his life when he moves into his new apartment, as he’s not the only person living there.  A ghost, named Nanana, has been a resident of the room for ten years, apparently bound to the room.

“LOL oh yeah i forgot to tell you about that ghost that’s haunting your room before you went and rented the place whoops”

Juugo quickly gets frustrated at having a ghost in his apartment (especially one that does nothing but eat pudding, watch T.V., and play video games).  One day, he stumbles upon a notebook that appears to be from the previous person who lived there.  It documents important details about Nanana, prompting Juugo to really start researching Nanana’s life.  She was murdered ten years ago in the very same room (stabbed in the back).  But she was also one of the “Great Seven” who essentially “built” Nanae Island.

One of the Great Seven is Juugo’s landlady, so he presses her for details.  Miss Landlady reveals that the island was only able to be built because of Nanana’s treasure finding skills.  Also, there are a set of treasures, called “Nanana’s Collection” still hidden on the island.  They are not only worth a fair fortune, but are also rumored to possess some kind of special power.

The episode ends with phantom thieves stealing some sort of artifact from someplace, and the introduction of a teenage detective character.

I just sort of inwardly groaned at the cliched high school detective but; I guess I can’t really judge her yet ’cause she only appeared for a minute before the end credits.

My Opinion:

The first half of Nanana’s Buried Treasure episode 1 was a bit dull (and groan-inducing), but the episode fortunately picked up after the half way point.

The first half of the episode pretty much just concerned the introduction of Juugo and Nanana along with their interactions.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this anime somehow manages to make living with a ghost sound dull.  I guess that’s mainly because Nanana still looks and acts fairly human.  She walks around like a normal human (meaning she doesn’t float), she’s not transparent, and she can eat (pudding only though), and is only semi-incorporeal.  By that last point, I mean that she can become incorporeal if she wants to, but she can also still interact with physical objects and other humans (if she wants to).  I guess that’s an interesting take on a ghost story, but a ghost that can eat?!?  How does that even work?  I do really like that the series shows Juugo getting very quickly annoyed at Nanana’s antics, because having a cute ghost girl (that’s confined to your room) probably isn’t as great as a lot of other anime seem to portray it as.  Still wasn’t very exciting to watch, but I have to give credit where it’s due.

The second half is where the episode really picks up, because we actually get the start to a potentially interesting story.  Even though the anime just info-dumps a lot of stuff in the latter half, the exposition managed to be intriguing enough that by the end of the episode, I actually wanted to know more.  The OP for this anime definitely hints at something more action-packed or dramatic, so I’m sure Juugo’s bound to get caught up in some sort of exciting/dangerous adventure.

While the story sounds great, I’m not too invested in the characters so far.  Nanana is probably the most likable of the characters (or at least the characters introduced this episode), because she’s fairly cute and has a personality that’s not too annoying.  Yes, she is a “NEET” ghost, but it’s not like she wanted to be one.  Being stuck in a single room for ten years… I’m surprised she’s still sane and friendly.  Juugo, on the other hand… While I do like his character design because it’s very distinct without suffering from “shonen protagonist syndrome”, his personality is not one that I’m fond of.  He’s almost a shameless pervert.  The first thing he does upon meeting the landlady?  Lovingly check out all her curves.  Also he tried to boob-grab Nanana (with disastrous results).  At least he shows that he DOES have a caring side so he isn’t just some sort of leecher, but man.

Overall, this was a decent start to what seems like a decent series.  The story is the typical “treasure hunting” one but it’s given enough of a unique spin that it’s actually interesting.  The art style and animation are rather nice, and I personally really like how this series colors eyes.  The characters so far may be a hit or miss depending on your tastes.  Although I do like where the story is headed so far, I’m sadly just not invested enough to want to watch more.  So no, I probably won’t be reviewing this series.

Out of five:

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Living the dream life. (Also I just noticed that Juugo’s eyes are colored brown here. They’re usually blue. I guess we can chalk that up to animation error?)