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At least this series’ outfits are certainly unique.


Naruko Aoba is a magical girl who’s tasked with fighting Magatsuhi, strange monsters that seem to cause trouble around the city.  She’s aided by the talking animal, Takesuzume.  On her first attempt at fighting a trio of Magetsuhi, she only manages to defeat one of them, while the other two escape.  Naruko is unable to go after them as she’s soon apprehended by the police for “disturbance.”

I don’t want to make the easy joke here, but these things look like Pokemon.

Naruko’s actually pretty cute.

The next day, it appears that news of “the mysterious cosplay girl” has spread, much to Naruko’s chagrin.  Takesuzume interrupts Naruki’s lunch with her friend in order to tell her that the two remaining Magatsuhi have been spotted over at the sea.  It appears that they’ve merged and are now stronger than before.  Thus, Naruko quickly transforms in order to face off against the Magatsuhi.

Gotta love extended transformation scenes.

My Opinion:

My standards for magical girl type anime are pretty low.  Hell, I’ve watched and reviewed all of Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise in the past, and that still remains to this day the least impressive series I have done a total review of.  Still, I just cannot help myself from checking out magical girl anime, even if they show signs of being painfully mediocre.  I decided to watch Mahou Shoujo Taisen because of the magical girls in pretty costumes–and that’s pretty much what I got.

I did not realize that this series would be an anime short, and I do think the series suffers a bit for that.  Four minutes is really not a great time limit for a magical girl-based series, even if Mahou Shoujo Taisen seems to be rather light on the plot.  Hell, Mangaka-san got TEN minutes and it was the worst series I have ever watched; so what gives?  Fortunately, although it is a short, the animation for Taisen is decent.  Though it is somewhat noticeable where corners were cut, i.e. the crowd of people being reduced to mere purple human-like blobs.

Although there are quite a few girls in the lineup, it seems we’ll be going through each of their stories separately via a mini-arc.  The first girl introduced is Naruko, who’s arc seems to be around three episodes.  Her design is arguably the “prettiest” out of what we’ve seen of the other girls so far; and I’m actually rather surprised that we get a very nice, lengthy transformation for her.  The girls all seem to be based on different cities/prefectures–Naruko’s design is based on Miyagi.

Naruko is sort of your typical magical girl heroine.  She doesn’t entirely like her job as it’s embarassing/takes too much of her free time, but she’ll finish her job when it’s needed.  Even so, Naruko is still rather bland, so I hope the next girl(s) in the lineup are a bit more exciting than her.  This anime seems to be more gag-based than action-based (at least, from what I’ve seen so far), and admittedly the humor is… rather unfunny.  The series seems to play a little too much on the safe side when it comes to humor, making gags that we’ve all heard in anime before.  I do find it amusing that they called Naruko’s magical girl outfit a “cosplay” one, but I think the producers really thought it was much funnier than it actually is.

Overall, I got what I expected, and that’s enough for me.  This series isn’t one you necessarily watch for the plot, it’s just something you watch on your work break or lunch break or something, for the pretty girls.  If you’re curious about this series, I recommend watching it.  Because at the most you’re only wasting four minutes of your day.

Out of five for these two episodes together:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I still have no idea what her weapon is supposed to be.


Moeronpan has decided to take this season off because she couldn’t find any series that interested her enough to review.  Which is unfortunate, but I can understand.  This season has been rather dull for me too, although I was lucky enough to find a series I was invested enough in to review.

So I’m going to be reviewing that series, along with Mahou Shoujo Taisen.  Why?  Because I can, it’s short and easy, and I want there to be at least something else I can offer on here since Moeronpan’s taking a season break.  Since Taisen is so short, I’m just going to do batch reviews every other week.  So check in soon to find out what other series I’m going to be reviewing for this season!