Say hello to the anime I’m going to be reviewing this season!  It was either this or Isshuukan Friends.  While Friends is a great anime, it’s just not suited to an episodic review format.  And Kanojo ga Flag is entertaining enough so I’m going to stick with it.  Let’s hope I don’t come to regret that decision…

In this episode we’re introduced to a bunch of new characters. Okiku is one of them, for better or worse.


Souta’s, Nanami’s, and Akane’s school life returns to normal (somewhat) after Akane’s near-death incident.  A childhood friend of Souta’s, named Okiku, suddenly appears!  She’s in the same class as Souta, much to his chagrin.  Okiku has a strong “sisterly” flag towards Souta, which annoys Nanami.

I’ll admit, the Akanevision and Okikuvision were pretty amusing.

Okiku (and well, everyone) end up tagging along with Souta as he returns to his shabby dorm.  Okiku is upset over the state of Souta’s living quarters, so she rounds everyone up to talk to Tsumugi, who is somehow connected to the school; and Mimori, the student council president.  Thanks to their help, Souta’s dorm is repaired.  During the repair process, Souta meets with Megumu, a boy who’s constantly being mistaken for a girl.

Yeah, that is apparently a boy.

Although Souta’s dorm is fixed, it’s about to be torn down again because Souta’s the only one living in it.  To save the dorm, the girls (and Megumu) decide to move in.  Near the end of the episode, Souta has flashbacks about the ill-fated cruise he took, that ended up giving him his unusual powers.  He remembers meeting with a strange young girl, whom he played an unusual game with.  He also remembers having an older sister, though no one else (Okiku included) seems to remember her at all…

Akane, I know you’re in love with him now, but don’t treat him like some kind of animal…

My Opinion:

I don’t get it.  These characters are generally the ones I really hate in anime, but Kanojo ga Flag manages to make them seem endearing to me?  I suppose it’s because they don’t entirely play their archetypes straight, and when they do it’s basically an over-the-top parody of the typical tropes.  Even the few that do play their tropes straight (like Akane) just manage to be charming instead of annoying.  The only character I’m kind of “ehhhh” about is Megumu, ‘cause “traps” in anime are pretty old hat.

Not too much happened this episode story-wise, though we do at least get to see how Souta got his powers.  We also get to see that flags can behave in very strange ways, depending (it seems) on that person’s willpower/passion.

The comedy in this episode was a bit more typical of the usual high-school anime gags; and even though I didn’t laugh out loud at any of them, I did find them amusing.  There is… a bit more fanservice in this episode too.  And the bathtub peeking scene towards the end felt really forced and tacked on.  But I’m willing to forgive that because it’s honestly pretty tame compared to a lot of anime.  Well… hopefully it doesn’t get any worse than that.

Overall… I still have no idea why I’m so charmed by this series.  I guess if the characters are interesting enough, then I’m willing to forgive a LOT of other aspects of the anime.  Not to say that Kanojo ga Flag doesn’t have its problems (that OP song is kinda… bland), but it’s surprisingly more entertaining (and less cringe-worthy) than I was expecting.

Out of five:

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Harsh. Though to be fair, I wouldn’t actually consider Nanami to be “tsundere.”