First, an introduction.

My name is Skins – I’m old, and getting older, much to my horror and my humbleness. I live in Northern Victoria, Australia, and I’ve been a fan of anime for 16 years. While I haven’t watched as many as some, being busy with life, as we always are, I’ve watched a lot of anime that a lot of others wouldn’t do. My friend Moeronpan told me a while ago that she’d love some new admins to review some anime, and I jumped at the chance to do just as much, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

My current occupation is Web Development, so I’m fairly skilled in coding. My busy times fluctuate as my jobs do, so you can expect either a flood or a drizzle depending on the seasons delicacies.

I’m pretty mellow and I will give anything a chance show-wise, so you can expect a wide variety of different anime from me as far as my tastes go. I plan to review things that interest me, things that don’t, things from the past and I might even throw some manga reviews in if I get the chance.

Now, onto the review!

Behold, the lil' shota shit.

Behold, the lil’ shota shit.

Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii (a name of which I still fail to spell properly without a reference, oi) or ‘The World is Still Beautiful’ is set in an alternate word with several different nations scattered about. So far, we have had a glimpse into the Rain Dukedom, a very poor kingdom that hosts four princesses, one of whom has been invited to the Sun Kingdom. A much richer country, the king of this Sun Kingdom has within the 3 years since his coronation managed to conquer most of the known world, and controls it.

Our Heroine, Nike, is the (unfortunately) chozen princess who is sent to the Sun Kingdom to make it rain. She, being one of the successors, was taught from an early age the powers to control the weather in order to do this, which is exactly why the King, Livius, has ordered her to come to his kingdom.

Many things happen in the first episode that lead to Nike meeting her would be husband…

To find out he’s a shota.

You go girl.

Just as he’s surprised by her lackluster appearance, she is incredibly taken aback by his young, short stature. But he soon proves himself as every ounce of an arrogant, young, cold king that he is by introducing himself, commenting on her appearance, and demanding she make it rain. However, she is quick to give him one hell of a telling off on both his arrogance to ‘control the skies as he has controlled the land’, but regardless, she’s thrown in jail for her insolence.

Stretch em good and wide and he might grow a nicer mouth.

Stretch em good and wide and he might grow a nicer mouth.

It’s also interesting to note that the opening song’s footage is constantly being updated to include the happenings of the episode previous, which is a nice touch. We have Nike on her own, then with Livius, and then with the maids in episode three.

Livius’s eyes are a constant subject here, and she feels that they are cold and ‘dead’. He shows boredom at nearly everything, including his work, but seems to enjoy tormenting his new ‘wife’ at every opportunity. But she does manage to surprise him by climbing into his office through the window (after escaping her prison cell).

Probably my favourite moment in episode 2.

Probably my favourite moment in episode 2.

We find out that summoning the rain is a sacred ceremony, and not simply something that is just ‘done’. It requires preparations involving creating a ‘song’ based on the land, and the person for whom she is singing for. Which, of course, requires Livius to show her around and show interest in the world around him, something he’s not interested in right now, which ties into the title of making Nike see the beauty of the world through the King’s eyes. However, he makes an attempt and they visit the gardens together, only for an attempted assassination to take place that injures Nike.

Going from this...

Going from this… this in the space of 5 minutes. Nice pacing, anime. this in the space of 5 minutes. Nice pacing, anime.

This turns what could’ve opened Livius up somewhat to ‘Nikes world’ back to the cold indifference we saw at the beginning of the episode. He promptly, however, sends our heroine back to her own country which, as Niel, his butler, explains, was actually out of concern for her wellbeing. However, Nike is having none of this and returns to the castle at the sight of seeing smoke, in turn caused by a fire.

This prompts the first use of Nike’s ability to summon the rain through the song she composed, and in turn putting out the fire. It was a pretty impressive use of CG animation here, and the quality of the episodes continues to be pretty decent.

Holy crap its rain.

Holy crap its rain.

While the second episode concludes fairly well, the third episode has a fairly lackluster opening with Livius, predictably not impressed by the rain (or so he says). Though, he has taken to sleeping in her bed (being his room was roasted by the fire) naked, at that, and the gag for this scene was commenting that Nike’s breasts had shrunk. Sadly, I found this joke somewhat lackluster, though I am continually impressed with Nike’s attitude and not giving into Mr. Arrogant Shota boy’s terrible attitude. Her defiance is refreshing and challenging, and I’m pretty sure Livius enjoys it (secretly)

You lil' shit, the remix.

You lil’ shit, the remix.

The third episode delves more into the Sun King’s past and the dreams Nike is getting is in fact about his mother. He also suffers from insomnia, and is always taking medicine to sleep, but is revealed to not be taking it lately, as Nike has a ‘calming effect’ on him. Go figure, typical anime style, hides this in the face of ‘bad ass’ characters. Nonetheless, Nike decides that she wants to protect him.

Can I just say the design of this dress is gorgeous? A++ Anime fashion.

Can I just say the design of this dress is gorgeous? A++ Anime fashion.

It’s in the face of the medication reveal that Nike puts on quite the show, dresses the part, and makes it rain at the party in an impressive show that ‘seduces’ the audience effectively. It starts to cement a romantic bond between the two, though it leaves the episode on an interesting note with Nike admiring a ‘sleeping’ king, only to demand a kiss from her. Livius, stop sexually harassing your wife, omg.

Overall, while not the best anime I’ve watched ever, it’s certainly a lot better than the other mediocre shows we’ve been given this season.

It's the muuummm - better be better than Rainbow Mum

It’s the muuummm – better be better than Rainbow Mum

Overall, I rate these two episodes combined, three Captains.

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