You can expect to hear this a lot.


One day, an android gets dropped off at Souta and co.’s dorm.  Turns out that it’s from Akane’s family, meant to protect her (or something) since she’s living in a co-ed dorm.  The android’s name is Ruri, and everyone at Souta’s dorm quickly learns to get along with it.

Yes, the robot is following the “bread-in-mouth-late-to-school” cliche. And yes, I laughed.

Around lunchtime, student council president Mimori suddenly shows up, announcing that the school is going to be hosting a weeklong athletic festival.  And, oh yeah, Souta’s dorm has to win top place or else the dorm is going to be torn down and Souta will be expelled.  Apparently the school’s higher-ups did not like the idea of a co-ed dorm; especially one with so few students living in it.  So this was basically the only way Mimori could “negotiate” for the dorm’s survival.

Negotiation, Mimori style.

Soon after Mimori leaves, Souta and co. are introduced to the person who would supposedly help lead them to victory: a brash, man-hating girl named Rin.  Rin starts training all of the dorm mates hard in preparation for the festival.  One day, while doing extra training with Souta, they both realize that they were childhood friends.  Who would’ve thought?  So long story short, Souta helps resolve Rin’s issues so she becomes relatively nice and friendly… for now.  The episode ends just as the festival begins.

Kid Rin is actually rather cute. How she ended up turning out, well…

My Opinion:

This series continues to run head-first into typical harem character archetypes, and I still continue somewhat enjoy this series.  I did definitely enjoy this episode less than the past two ones, as the introduction of an android character AND a childhood friend is really pushing this series into total cliché territory.  But so far, things haven’t been too bad I suppose.

The addition of the android character was one of the most random things, and stretches the suspension of disbelief in this series to near its breaking point.  And of course she follows the typical “I have no personality” type of robot trope that we’ve all seen in anime before.  Still, her appearance is forgiven somewhat in that everyone seems to accept her pretty readily after the initial shock.  They pretty much went from “AHHHH HER HEAD FELL OF SHE’S NOT HUMAN!!!” to “oh hey come have lunch on the roof with us and also bring all your cool gadgets” in the span of ONE SCENE.  Maybe it’s lazy writing, but I don’t know; I just found that sort of amusing in a dumb kind of way.

Surprisingly, the robot was not the character I had the most problems with.  That award goes to Rin, who instantly goes from “grrr i hate all men, they’re all weaklings” to “I’ve been a terrible woman sob sob” after her issue is resolved in the most ham-fisted way.  She apparently hates all men—EXCEPT one, who is the manliest of all men in her eyes.  That man is a childhood friend named “Souda.”  And… yep, it turns out to actually be Souta.  Wow.  Now THAT is lazy writing.

The comedy in this series continues to be hit-or-miss.  Still not liking all the jokes revolving around Meg, because it is literally just “oh this feminine looking boy keeps being mistaken for a girl!” and that just gets old fast.  Heck, it was already getting stale by the end of the last episode, but sadly I get the feeling that this series will really run that “joke” into the ground.  Other than those cringe-worthy jokes, the comedic timing in Kanjo ga Flag is still slightly better than it is in a lot of harem anime, but I suppose that’s not saying much.  I do like that Nanami is one of the few sane characters of the lot, along with Souta.

Overall, an okay episode.  The negatives probably outweigh the positives this time around, but I’m still somewhat entertained so whatever.  I am sorely missing the slightly more serious tone in episodes 1 and 2, because episode’s 3 wacky antics left a lot to be desired.  There still seems to be a few more girls lined up to be introduced, and I really hope they don’t get added to Souta’s “harem.”  Seriously, the dude has enough to deal with already; the last thing he needs is more loud girls in his life.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

It was sort of funny when this appeared, but at the same time this does not bode well for Rin’s character development…