Continuing on from last time…

Episode 3 Summary:

When we last left off, Naruko was about to fight a boss-type “Mischief.”  However, she’s unable to do much damage to it, and it causes much destruction to the surrounding small islands.  Takesuzume yells at her, saying that the reason she can’t defeat it is because she lacks motivation.  Naruko sadly agrees, remembering that she was forced into becoming a magical girl, instead of choosing to become one.  Nonetheless, she can’t bear to see her hometown destroyed, so she manages to muster up the power to defeat the boss Mischief.  Thus, things are all good and well—for now.


Episode 4 Summary:

Yes that is a talking hand.

In this episode, we are introduced to a young girl named Matsuri Sengen, who appears to be a shrine maiden.  When her father brings home what looks like some broken pottery from an archeological dig site, Matsuri quickly sets to work in trying to repair it. She ends up working into the night, but falls asleep when it’s halfway finished.  The object magically repairs itself and reveals itself to be… a robotic hand.  And a talking one at that.  The robotic hand quickly introduces itself to Matsuri, and Matsuri nicknames it “Toro.”  Toro then tricks Matsuri into becoming a magical girl, just before the episode ends.

I hope we get an actual transformation scene for Matsuri in future episodes.

My Opinion:

Not much for me to say this time around.  While I did like the surprise character development for Naruko, I still think the “boss fight” was horribly rushed and duex ex machina’d.  But I suppose you just can’t fit much in when an episode is only four minutes long.

We also get to meet the next magical girl in the lineup, Matsuri!  Now that I’ve gotten a good look at it, her magical girl design is actually rather cute.  Her mascot Toro, on the other hand…  Why a robot hand?  (Why just a hand???)  Also, while Takesuzume was an annoying mascot simply because he wouldn’t shut up, I’m liking Toro way less because of his somewhat perverted shenanigans that he pulled when he was trying to wake Matsuri up.  I know Matsuri’s probably the same age as Naruko, but pulling any sort of fanservicey stuff with her is way worse because she looks so much younger.

Overall, both of these episodes were decent.  I’m kind of sad that we don’t get actual full length episodes for this series.  Each girl’s arc seems to be only three episodes long—and three episodes multiplied by four minutes is only 12 minutes total.  That’s HALF a regular anime episode!  Even if it were just one full anime episode, they’d be able to fit so much more story in.  Come on guys, why couldn’t you have taken the Sengoku Collection route?  Anyway, complaining about episode length aside, will we ever get a magical girl who actually wanted to be magical girl?  I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Out of five for both episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2