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I want a mini-Iron Man!

Episode 4 Summary:

The first half of this episode is basically a giant info dump courtesy of Tony and Nick Fury. Akira and Hikaru have been kept in SHIELD custody, while the other three kids were let go….despite Fury apparently knowing they also have the power to control DISKS. Anyway, Mini-Iron Man (who is just as adorable as the opening promised) and Fury work together to figure out that the biocode Akira accidentally installed in himself is flawed, so Iron Man can only stay out of his DISK for 333 seconds, and there is a cooldown time of several hours before he can emerge once again. Elsewhere, Spider-Man is revealed to not only have escaped being trapped, but to have rescued Thor, Hulk, Cap and Wasp’s DISKs. However, he seems reluctant to turn the disks over to SHIELD, for what turns out to be a good reason…

…because Fury’s infodump is cut off by Senator Robert, a member of the World Security Council, who accuses Fury of cooperating with Loki and allowing Loki’s minions to infiltrate SHIELD. Fury is arrested and Maria Hill is made director, though she seems to be functioning as a puppet of Senator Robert.

The “new” character, Senator Robert

Robert attempts to take Akira and Tony into custody, but they successfully escape only to find the villain Lizard rampaging through New York City. Lizard reveals that he is hunting for DISKs, one of which is held in a nearby bank. With Spider-Man’s help, Akira and Iron Man successfully fight together, defeat Lizard, and obtain his DISK. However, Rosetta Riley, previously thought to be only a slightly annoying news reporter, is revealed to be working for Loki and possess DISKs of her own. She releases the villain Diamondback just as Iron Man’s time expires.

It seems that Akira and Iron Man are done for, as they have several hours until they can perform another D-Smash. Back on the helicarrier, Agent Barton aka Hawkeye appears. He tells Hikaru that he is Akira’s only hope, as Hikaru also has a biocode installed. Hikaru expresses reluctance to join the battle, and the episode ends before we learn what he decides to do.

In case you were wondering, Akira is still an idiot

My Opinion:

This episode had a lot of info dumping, and while that’s not usually my favorite, I felt it was very needed after the action-heavy first three episodes, which left viewers with a lot of questions. Specifically, we learn more about the Biocode and how it functions. Also, Mini-Tony being utterly adorable (and pouting about his adorable mini-state) helps make the scene a lot more bearable.

I’m not sure how I feel about the “Senator Robert” plot; I’m going to give it a few more episodes to see how it develops. A SHIELD focused side plot (which I’m guessing it will be now that Akira and soon Hikaru will have escaped SHIELD custody) seems an interesting choice for an anime aimed at a younger demographic. However, if Robert really is Loki in disguise, as I strongly believe him to be, I’m excited that he will be playing a more active role in the plot.

I surprisingly quite liked this episode, it felt like a nice break from the action-heavy first three episodes, gave some much needed info, had some great character moments for Tony, Akira, Hikaru, Pepper and Rosetta Riley, and still had a nice fight scene at the end. The biggest disappointment was the episode’s title character Hawkeye, who got barely any screen time despite the title, and was presented as very stoic and serious, which is unlike either comic- or film-Hawkeye. I also like his design the least out of any character. Overall, however, this was a decent ep, and I’m excited to see Hikaru finally take the spotlight in episode 5.

Out of 5 Dios, this episode gets:

dio  dio dio

I quite like Villain!Rosetta’s design

Hawkeye, not so much

Episode 5 Summary:

While Akira, Tony and Spider-Man are pinned down by Diamondback, Hikaru and Hawkeye sneak into the bank, hoping to rescue a hero DISK…only to find out that it’s a villain (King Cobra) and the DISK was already taken by a masked Rosetta. Hikaru is saddened, believing he has failed to save his brother, but is saved by a pep talk from Spider-Man and the revelation that Spider-Man has Thor’s disk.

Ecstatic, Hikaru performs his first D-Smash. With the help of his trusty Mjolnir, Thor easily dispatches both King Cobra and Diamondback. The gang captures Diamondback, but Rosetta and King Cobra are rescued in the nick of time by the still absurdly named Tim. Unlike the constantly bickering Akira and Tony, Thor seems pleased to be partnered with Hikaru, recognizing him as a “fellow warrior” and bonding over their troublesome younger brothers.

Had to include “The Line”

Maria Hill wants to take Akira, Hikaru and the other kids into SHIELD custody, but Senator Robert bizarrely refuses. Alone, Robert reveals what pretty much all the viewers already knew: he is a disguised Loki, and he doesn’t want the kids back because Thor would see through his disguise. We also finally get to find out where Loki is keeping the brothers’ father Dr. Akatsuki – and it’s none other than his icy homeworld of Jotunheim.

Hawkeye and Spider-Man depart, Hawkeye to investigate the SHIELD situation and Spider-Man on a mission of his own. The kids and heroes reunite with Pepper at Stark Tower, where Tony reveals that he can no longer access SHIELD servers, basically cementing the fact that something fishy is up. Hikaru continues to be an adorable big brother, quieting the bickering Iron Man and Thor so that Akira can get some well-needed rest. The episode ends with Chris going about his normal life, which seems to involve scaring the local kids, sitting alone in alleyways, and being stalked by Loki’s minions. Thankfully, Spider-Man shows up to disrupt Chris’s angst-fest…only for the preview to reveal that next episode will be about the Hulk?

This scene was just too cute

My Opinion:

This is most definitely the strongest episode of the series so far. The pacing problems present in the earlier episodes were entirely absent in this one. The bulk of the episode was dedicated to the kids and heroes, and the combat was well-balanced with character moments. The character moments are easily my favorite part of the show, especially when they feature the mini-Avengers. (Mini-Thor is just as adorable as mini-Tony!) However the SHIELD/Senator Robert subplot was not entirely abandoned, and we finally get to find out what happened to Dr. Akatsuki! I’m also glad that the Robert/Loki thing was revealed to the viewers and not treated as some sort of big secret – because it was pretty obvious.

I am so glad Hikaru got some time to shine in this episode. I really like him as a character. He is a refreshing change from the “snarky” or “distant” archetype many characters in these types of anime, including this one, embody. He is earnest and sweet and dedicated to protecting Akira. His relationship with Thor is built on mutual respect and friendship, which provides a nice counterpoint to Akira and Iron Man’s bickering – which nearly got them ‘sploded by a Diamond Bomb earlier this episode. While his hair may still be stupid, Hikaru my favorite of the kids so far.

Character-wise, I’m also glad that Robert/Loki will be a main player rather than just a distant villain to spark the plot and show up for the finale. Hawkeye also improved greatly given more time to shine, though his design still annoys me.

The show also seems to have gotten better at balancing references to the wider Marvel world, due to the focus on showcasing individual villains (Diamondback and Cobra shared this episode, but the former got much more of the spotlight) and heroes rather than all at once. There are still a lot of nice smaller references for longtime Marvel fans to catch, such as Spider-Man’s most famous line showing up in his speech to Hikaru.

The weak point of this episode was the ending with Chris, especially coming after the show’s most adorable bonding moment. Chris is still distant, apathetic, and boring. I just hope his soon-to-be-partnership with Cap changes that.

Out of 5 Dios, this episode gets:

dio dio dio dio