I’ve already gave the “Spoilers from here on” warning a few episodes back, but I’m putting another spoiler warning here just because these two episodes drop some pretty heavy revelations.


This episode shows us a bit of Mimori’s past, revealing that she may not be as air-headed as she seems. Sadly, it’s sort of shoved aside due to all the PLOT.

Episode 7 Summary:

Souta goes on a date with Mimori (arranged by the elder, Tsumugi) in an attempt to get Kurumiko into the Quest Dorms; as Mimori is the granddaughter of the school chairman.  While on their “date,” Mimori reveals a deeper aspect of her character, and Souta eventually becomes a bit closer to her (for better or worse).  This motivates Mimori to try getting Kurumiko in, but even with her connections, she can’t accomplish this.  Fortunately, Mei’s able to do it due to her flag altering powers.  And, oh yeah; Mimori, Tsumugi, and Mei are moving into the dorms too.

The next day, Souta talks with Mei about her powers.  Mei’s powers are limited, while Souta apparently has the power to change the fate of the entire world.  This is because Souta’s powers were given to him directly by the “Sacrament” herself—or rather, Sakura, the girl he met on the cruise ship.  Mei is a member of the Council Seven, who are tasked with maintaining the order of the world.  She is also tasked with watching over Souta so he doesn’t throw the world out of balance with his powers.

A world where Souta doesn’t exist and Nanami, Akane, and Kurumiko died as a result…

When Souta questions what this means, Mei takes Souta to alternate universes.  Eventually, Souta lands in a universe where Miyuki (the homeroom teacher in the normal world), is actually Souta’s great-granddaughter in that world.  After rescuing her from a burning cruise ship, Miyuki becomes the main character of that world, and Souta is whisked back to his own world.  Unfortunately, the death flag begins to take over Souta’s body, and he starts coughing up blood.  This causes Mei to try to break the death flag with her own hands.  She’s unable to break it, but at least manages to stop it temporarily.  However, Sakura soon appears and erases Mei’s flag powers and memories relating to flags, saying that the truth of the world is something Souta must find out on his own.

Episode 8 Summary:

I am ashamed how hard I laughed at this scene.

It’s summer vacation!  Whilst staying at Okiku’s place, Souta gets whisked away by Ruri to Akane’s mansion.  And so the whole gang (barring Nanami) arrive there to hang out too.  Nanami feels lonely be left out of the fun, so everyone goes to visit the Princess of Bladefield in her home country.

Nendoroid Ruri! She actually calls herself that, too; which is really cool. I hope an actual Nendoroid of Ruri comes out, because that would be some awesome merchandise for this series.

After landing in the country and meeting with Nanami (who waited for all of them at the airport), they still need to go on a three hour train trip to get to the kingdom itself.  While on the train, Souta meets with Hakua, who is Nanami’s younger sister, and the youngest daughter of the Bladefield kingdom.  They both go to a private compartment to talk. There, Hakua reveals that the king of Bladefield has many wives, so all the children have different mothers.  This also makes her and Nanami half sisters.

We are already past the half-way point (unless this series turns out to actually be 24+ episodes long), so I’m kind of amazed we’re still getting new characters.

Nanami drops by to visit Hakua and Souta, since the rest of the gang was wondering where Souta went.  Suddenly, a mysterious assassin attacks!  And it turns out that it’s… Ruri?!  The real Ruri (who is tagging along with everyone in her “nendoroid” form) says that it’s simply another model since she was massed produced.  Unable to stop the evil-Ruri in her nendoroid form, Souta and Nanami have to take it into their own hands to save Hakua, whom the android seems to be targeting.  Fortunately, Souta is able to save Hakua due to some ingenuity, while the evil android gets offed by a mysterious cloaked figure.  So Hakua is saved… for now?

Cringe-worthy uniforms aside, the maids of Bladefield are totally badass.

My Opinion:

Things sure got serious really fast holy cow.  I was definitely not expecting the series to be this complicated, nor for there to be this much action.  But honestly, it’s because of this that I’m still so interested in the series.

Episode seven brings to light the fact that there are alternate universes, and also tells us some more about Souta’s powers.  But more importantly, it brings up the Sacrament’s—aka Sakura’s—existence.  Just who is Sakura?  And why did she decide to erase all of Mei’s memories and powers?  That’s actually the thing I’m most bummed out about.  I guess Mei had to be “brought down to normal” because otherwise she would reveal the entire plot of the series too quickly.  But that still felt somewhat… I don’t know, duex ex machina’d?  It would seem less like an ass-pull if Sakura didn’t just literally float down from the skies just to do her mind-wipey trick.

I also didn’t really like that Mei is just shown to have spontaneously fallen in love with Souta.  They… never even interacted before then???  At least with Akane, that fits her personality; and with Okiku and Rin they at least knew each other in their childhood.  But for Mei it’s just sort of out of left field and doesn’t mesh with her character at all.  That someone that acts so aloof would fall in love that quickly/easily stretches my suspension of disbelief a bit.  Also, now Mei is just another typical harem girl without her powers and that makes me all kinds of sad.

Episode eight is thankfully rather fun and fluffy—at first.  The first half of the episode was a nice break from the wtf-ness of the last one; and it’s really just nice to see all the characters interacting with each other again.  Also, Nanami!  She hasn’t played too big a role in recent episodes, so I’m glad to see her in the spotlight again.  The introduction of her sister, Hakua, was also nice.  Hakua verbal tic can get kind of annoying (she repeats certain words at the end of her sentences), but she seems like a pleasant character so far.  Her character design is rather cute too.

Overall, these were absolutely great episodes.  Episode seven is very plot-heavy and serious, while episode eight has a nice mix of comedy and action.  I do have a few problems with the pacing towards the end of episode seven (Mei falling in love out of literally nowhere), but I can forgive it a bit.  I really like that “If her Flag’s” able to juggle between the comedy and the serious scenes so well.  Alternate dimensions and the like were definitely not at all what I was expecting going into this series; and while it’s still a harem series at heart, “If Her Flag” shows us that a harem series can still make for a pretty darn good anime if the writing and characterization are good.

Out of five for both episodes:

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Still upset about what happened to your character…