Some things remain unsaid, but plenty is said in this episode of Soredemo.

This is the face of defeat.

Kitora, after seeing the sheer determination of Nike wanting to get to Livi and proclaiming her love for him, finally lets her out using his own key. Its kind of your typical trope, and I expected as much from Kitora in the end. Nike meets up with her older sister Kara to get directions to where to go next.

Your shota is dead haha

Turns out that Livi did in fact almost drown in his skirmish with Grandma. I confess I got manly teary eyes when Nike’s thoughts  were being spoken while she tried desperately to revive Livi. Welp, I’m a bit of a sucker for death scenes, ahahaha.

Come to me my honey

He came to, though, with his usual snarkiness to boot. Ah, that’s Livi for ya, you dumb shota. You almost died.

But at least he won in the end.

Gotcha key grandma

In a true show of character development that I don’t think would’ve been possible at the start of the series, Livi chooses not to punish the country and instead passes off the plot from Grandma as a personal squabble rather than a skirmish of countries – since he won, he no longer cares.

Livi I swear you little shit–

Livi and Nike share a moment in the tree as the shota king ditches on rest to relax on his own terms. I honestly quite enjoyed this little romantic moment, and that’s coming from someone who hates romance as a general rule (since its nearly always executed badly. ) Before being interrupted by Mama-Neil, of course.

I really like this shot.

With that taken care of, we get a surprise visit from Nike’s mother, who is feeling a lot better from her mystery sickness and decides to greet Livi herself by… forcing him into a bath. Seriously way to be super suspicious, Nike mama.

Oo lala

But with their meeting and Livi being quite enchanted with her beauty, Ihara explains that the story of the destruction of the three countries actually did happen. The people of the Rain can’t usually do it, except for the ‘greatest singer’ in the Principality. And that is, of course, right now, Nike.

So much for ‘tender rain’

Ihara believes Nike would be safer in their land, but Livi disagrees. With a bold proclamation that he would protect her forever, Livi easily wins Ihara over. And with that, he’s dressed for his engagement party, basically, though it’s also kind of a wedding at the same time. Turns out Nike’s mother was sick because of the damage done from Nike’s birth.

Kinda hard not to be won over by cute kids.

Not really diggin the outfit buuuut hey, I can at least appreciate the tribal theme, ahahaha

It’s all happiness and glory as the wedding kicks off. Cute things are said, kisses are given, speeches are made that show the great character growth from the pair, Livi especially.

Can’t let this series go without sharing this of Neil. You go man – let out your inner raeg.


And they all cheered right after this.

The absence of Kitora and Grandmother weighs on the couple, and then, as the preview predicted, we get our fabled stand-off. It was rather verbally savage, but just as it was needed to shake Kitora into action.

What is it with cousins loving their cousins in anime??

But the idiots bond over their mutual acknowledgement of Nike’s drifter habits. Go figure, pfft.


The episode ends on a positive note, though it looks like Grandma isn’t as happy as Kitora now is, or refreshed, as he says.

And it all wraps up peacefully in the end…

…except for one.

Overall, a solid episode with a solid theme, some great fun moments and plenty of plot. I’m looking forward to the season finale, and I’ll save my final judgement for when our lady sings. 😉