Finale is as finale do, let us end this trip with a mighty yahoooooooo!

A sign for season 2 maybe?

A sign for season 2 maybe?

And thus, our lovely duo set sail. Well, about to. There is still the matter of dealing with the Grandmother and Nike wanting to say goodbye. But the stubborn old lady sure wasn’t giving her much of a chance to do as much. Jees lady, it might be the last time you see your granddaughter. But at least Kitora and Livi seem to have bonded over a mutual love of engineering. Gotta love that eh?

Hhhh Scenery porn ahoy this episode

Hhhh Scenery porn ahoy this episode


Good thing Livi was having none of that, and neither was Nike’s father.

But at least Nike got to say what she wanted to say, and her maturity has certainly grown and shined through in this last episode. No longer is she just concerned with herself, but she is now aware of what she carries, and that she must uphold the nation’s gifts with dignity and most of all, restraint.

Seriously man you’re more stubborn than me.

Good ‘ol Livi, though, being a lil’ shit  as always, but he said something quite profound that seemed to rock Grandma’s stance.

‘The person I want to see… I can never see again’

Touché Livi.

You’re one to talk, brat

Tee hee

And thus, they set sail.

The next part caught me by surprise – a song I had never heard in the anime started playing, and boy, I am in love with it, and I was almost shedding tears with Nike with Grandmother’s ‘Farewell Rain’, sung in their ancient language.

It was a truly sad and beautiful moment in this anime and I think it has to be THE best moment for me from the series. Screencaps don’t really do this moment justice, so here, enjoy this beautiful song in all its glory (OST please release this ;;):

But for the homecoming, it turns out that the men of the court had been having a little too much fun and had a lot of lady friends over. Oi vey Bard, you womaniser. (I hope condoms are a thing there >>)

Jees Bard

HE. IS. 12!

Neil is quick to get the happy couple working once more, and soon things fall back into a routine of work, work and more work, keeping the duo separated.

Alas the life of royalty.

This pout is so freaking cute help

The rest of the episode is mostly spent with Nike pining for her betrothed. Gotta admit, the old trio and Bard asking if Nike and Livi had sex is a bit much – he’s still a kid, after all.

At least this was nice.

At least this was nice.

Not much happens for the rest of the episode, but possibly my favourite rendition of ‘Tender Rain’ is sung in this episode. It was lovely and soft, and the music was more gentle than the usual melody that is sung with this song. And it shows all of our faithful side characters – the cook, the maids, Livi’s empty desk and the castle.

More scenery porn

More scenery porn

The episode ends with Nike in a field, and Livi shows up on a white horse. Cliché of the century there, but hey, gotta expect a little bit of that in an anime like this.

And more

And more

3, 2, 1...

3, 2, 1…


The credits role, and clips from the episodes play, and the ending shows the two lovers reunited, and at peace.


For a final impression, I’d say this anime has had its severe ups and downs. At one point I contemplated dropping it because the romance aspect was just so fast paced that I was just very unimpressed, but overall it seems to have levelled out and grown to be a more ‘acceptable’ anime in terms of pacing. The animation quality remained high, the music lovely (though rather repetitive) and all around, it kept hitting me with surprises in its story. While the end was predictable for this kind of anime, it was still a fun one to blog and it had enough interest in it to keep me going back to it.

Overall, this anime scores: