Apologies in advance if this sounds like a lazily done review (because it kinda was)

Meet main protag-chan and her friends. Who are apprently unimportant as they play next to no role in the rest of this episode.


Nana is a young high-schooler who lives in a quiet little city named Nagarekawa.  She desperately wants a new swimsuit because the public pool nearby has just finished being remodeled.  Because of her lack of funds, she quickly accepts her uncle’s offer for… some sort of job which she doesn’t bother to get the full details of.  It’s only when she shows up for the job that it’s revealed that she’s going to be a Locodol—that is, a “local idol.”

oh noes, embarrassing third grade memories

Nana’s uncle is actually a civil servant trying to make the city more popular, as all the young adults keep moving out to the bigger cities.  He thinks that having a Locodol group will help to bring in the tourists.  Since she already agreed to it, Nana has no choice but to go along with it.  Her partner is a slightly older girl named Yukari.

Uh, you do realize that that’s an INCREDIBLY CREEPY thing to say about your niece, right?

Their first “appearance” is at the grand-opening of the public pool, with the girls appearing on-stage in their swimsuits.  Since the two girls are uncoordinated and unpracticed, however, they just make embarrassing small talk that doesn’t lead anywhere.  Out of desperation because the audience is quickly losing interest, the uncle signals for the girls to sing.  Spontaneously, Nana and Yukari belt out the Nagarekawa song, to a round of applause.

the girls doing the thing

After her first (somewhat disastrous) attempt at being an idol, Nana’s life will never be the same again…

My Opinion:

This series is admittedly a little bit dull.  I started getting very bored towards the halfway point because seriously, the characters don’t really do anything too interesting.  I suppose this is as accurate as an anime can get to portraying real slice-of-life (apart from the idol part), because honestly; most of a person’s life is fairly uninteresting.  But anyway, I digress.

Everything about this series just gets a “meh” from me.  The characters are fairly bland, the animation is average, and the plot is really nothing ground-breaking.  I mean, this series isn’t even that relaxing to watch, it’s just boring.  It’s aggravatingly slow-paced; which fits the tone of the series, but that doesn’t mean something like that is fun to watch.

I’ve honestly run out of things to say about this series because it barely has any substance to it.  I mean, it could potentially be a pretty decent series if the later episodes get a bit more exciting.  But well, at least this series is pretty non-offensive.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

I’m being a bit nice here because this series wouldn’t be what I consider “bad”, just boring.