Since Moe is sick, I’m going to be helping with her first impressions, including this one.

A dragon down, the blood bath begins...

A dragon down, the blood bath begins…

The show starts off with a bang as our protagonist Tatsumi slays an earth dragon to defend a couple of merchants, sparing no shortage of blood, which, given the enactment of new censoring laws in Japan, has become something of a rarity in your standard anime nowadays. Needless to say I was pleased with seeing something more ‘realistic’ as far as battle scenes go, so that was certainly a plus in my book.

Anyway, the story: Swordsman Tatsumi is your typical ambitious youngster from the country who wants to make it big in the capital city. He’s warned against it by the merchants, but he decides to ignore their advice and go forward regardless.

In a city rampant with corruption, we are introduced to some pretty wicked looking assassins who are a little on the extra ordinary side briefly before jumping to the opening song, but it’s a glimpse of things to come with what looks like a pretty phenomenal OST to come.

With no luck getting into either the military or a place to stay, Tatsumi is scammed by the busty Leone, who takes all of his money, and is eventually picked up by a rich girl wearing a smile and looking as innocent as you’d expect from an heiress. Regardless, the family offers to hook him up with a job and a place to sleep. Given his experiences in the city, Tatsumi is hesitant to accept the offer, but does.

Scenery porn: check!

Scenery porn: check!

As it turns out, he’s searching for his travelling companions, as well, and the father generously offers to search for them. With that in mind, our young hero goes to bed feeling helpful and delighted and is taken shopping the next day. We learn more about the foul state of the city by learning that the Emperor is only a child, and is the Prime Minister’s puppet (man am I getting some Zoids: Chaos Century vibes here) and with that cryptic warning, the day ends after the copeus amount of shopping is taken care of.

Things rapidly become bloody as we jump back to the lady of the house being sliced clean in two, and we soon find out whom by: Night Raid – the assassin squad that the Guards warned him against. The group proceed to easily slaughter the guards and the father, and I have to say, if the intro pic wasn’t enough warning that this anime has some bloody moments, then this scene will definitely show as much. With the sound effects alone from Leone crushing the father’s neck to the guard being sliced through the throat, it was enough to make me stare at my screen in some degree of surprise. It’s not often I get a surprise blood bath in an anime, but with going in blind, I suppose that’s going to happen, ahahaha.

The truth, however, as it usually does, hurts badly.

Dun dun duuuun

Dun dun duuuun

As the warehouse is opened, we see all of the people who the family had tortured, leaving only one alive: Tatsumi’s friend Ieyasu, who reveals the true colours of Aria, in that she had tortured his friend Sayu for being, essentially, ‘prettier’ than her. After killing her with one swipe of his blade, he watches as Ieyasu dies in his arms from the poison.

With that, Tatsumi is coerced into joining Night Raid, somewhat by force, but I get the feeling he won’t regret it.

What stands out most in this anime is the OST. I REALLY dig the songs used in this episode so far, and I’m definitely looking forward to it coming out so I can add it to my vast music collection. The animation was pretty glorious and of above average quality, and the VA’s are great as well. The characters, despite Tatsumi’s stereotype of the ‘shonen hero’ and everything that involves, the other characters balance him nicely, with stoic Akame, Leone’s foxiness, and the characters we’ve yet to see more of.



This is a series I’ll definitely be at least watching a second episode of, so if Moe doesn’t pick this up for blogging, then from me, it’s a guarantee!