The over-abundance of sakura petals in many of the important shots almost reaches levels of cheesiness, but it’s just so pretty that I don’t care.


Naru is a 14-year-old school girl struggling to find her special talent. Everyone around her seems to be finding their passions, yet she can’t help but feel extremely average.  Charmed by fairy tales since she was a child, Naru wants nothing more than to be taken away to a magical land.  One night after making a delivery on her father’s behalf, she meets with a beautiful young girl dancing in the moonlight amongst sakura trees.  Accidentally believing that the girl is a fairy, Naru asks to be taken away from this boring world.  However, Naru quickly realizes her mistake and runs away in embarrassment.  Nonetheless, the girl says that she’ll come for Naru someday.

Screencaps just do not do justice to watching this in full animation.

The next day, the mysterious girl is introduced as Hana, a transfer student from America, who is obsessed with Yosakoi dancing.  Hana hounds Naru all day trying to get her to do Yosakoi dancing with her, though Naru ultimately refuses.  Over the next few days, Hana tries to get a Yosakoi club going, but her aggressive personality drives everyone away.  Naru feels extremely bad for Hana, and eventually musters up the courage to go to the designated club room in order to return a wooden paddle to Hana.  After seeing Hana dance once again, Naru reluctantly agrees to join the club—though only to help recruit members, not to dance.

I know that feel, Naru.

You can tell that this scene is important because of the sakura petal.

My Opinion:

Oh boy, the teenage angst is strong with this series… and yet I can’t help but be charmed.

For once the teenage angst isn’t about romance but rather about finding one’s path in life; something which I find much more understandable and bearable to watch.  And man can I relate to Naru.  Some may find her whiny but she was literally me as a teen growing up.  I could relate to her love of fairy tales, and her somewhat introverted personality.  And I could also relate to desperately wanting to be “special” in some way.  I believe that everyone grows up wanting to find their “calling” or a thing that they can be passionate about.  This series captures that perfectly so far.

The character designs admittedly take a while getting used to, and at some angles Hana’s face still looks a little strange.  But the backgrounds and animation in this series are just lovely.  I can tell that we’ll be in for a treat once the girls actually start Yosakoi dancing.  Story-wise, this series could either turn out to be really pleasant to watch or just really boring—I can’t tell yet from just this episode alone.  But I am really interested.

Overall, this was a lovely little series that was surprisingly good.  It’s probably going to be a very “slice-of-life” series, so if that isn’t your thing it’d probably be boring.  But so far, I’m intrigued and want to watch more.  Will I be taking on this series to review?  Who knows?

Out of five:

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As pretty as this is, isn’t that dangerous?