Handa is a young man who holds a career as a calligraphy artist.  However, after punching out a famous calligraphy master after said master said that his works were too similar to the “textbooks,” Handa is forced to move out to an island village by his father.  His father hopes that Handa will learn to control his temper after moving to the village, and also find some inspiration there.

“Son I am disappoint.”

On his first day in the village, Handa is rather unimpressed with his new living quarters.  He also meets with the village scamp, a young and energertic girl named Naru.  Handa shows some of his writing to Naru, and gets mad at her when she says his handwriting is just like what they show in the textbooks.  Handa then goes off to sulk, but Naru finds him.  She apologizes to him and shows him some of the sights around the village.

This kills the Handa.

That night, the villagers all come to his place to help him unpack and put everything away.  After that warm welcome, Handa finally feels settled down and a little bit inspired.


My Opinion:

This was a rather pleasant series.  There have been an awful lot of anime set “in the countryside” lately, and that’s not a bad thing.

Handa is an interesting character.  I really like that the anime shows off just how hot tempered Handa can be, and treats it in a very negative light.  Too many times anime just plays off a hot tempered character for laughs, instead of showing just how bad a character trait it is.  It was almost a bit painful at times seeing how cruelly he treats Naru because of his temper.  Though luckily for both parties involved, Naru just brushed off everything in stride.

Naru is such a lovely character!  She’s obviously meant to be adorable, but she really is.  And she’s got a vibrant personality and a whole load of determination.  It’s fairly obvious from the Opening and Ending theme that Naru will be the one to teach Handa to chill out and start relaxing more, but I’m actually curious about how the series will play out.  There were a lot of characters introduced towards the tail end of the episode, thought how important they will end up being is something that has yet to be seen.

Overall, this was a nice episode.  The animation and character design isn’t anything super amazing, but it still manages to capture a country atmosphere which is the most important part.  This series is listed as being a slice-of-life and a comedy, so it’s probably not going to have too much drama (at least, I hope not).  I am kind of torn now between whether I want to review this or Hana Yamata.  I’ll have to see the second episodes of both series before I decide; but even if I don’t end up reviewing this, I hope I still have the time to watch it.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

This series is just “awww” personified.