It really is a dang shame.

I still don’t even know what this show is really about.

Francesca is actually a really pretty show – the character designs are all unique and the outfits are great. The animation is unique, to say the least, with a weird combination of 2D and 3D.

It’s a shame the story is totally crap.

It’s a pretty simple premise – an idol zombie girl designed to promote the land of Hokkaido. I think this show would be more interesting if I was a a Japanese native, somehow, but I am not, and thus, the show kind of falls flat. The battle scenes are pretty cheezy and it was honestly just downright boring.


There really isn’t much else to say. I was interested for maybe the first 3 minutes of this short, then zoned out for the majority of it, before taking interest at the end when Francesca is summoned before zoning out again. I was interested in her character design, after all, because it was super cute.

I just wish this show was more interesting, but then, I think it’s more meant for kids, somehow. I’m a bit old for this story, ahahaha.