This episode starts off with a bang and a half, I have to say, and I liked what I saw.

Floating castles, hidden ESP

We get introduced straight away to the plot, so to speak. In this age of Tokyo, there are two types of people: the normal humans, and the Espers. The normal humans are, well, normal. And the espers have all sorts of unusual powers – from hacking to teleportation to machine guns embedded in ones arms. The espers stage a takeover of the human government, that has apparently happened before, and they dispatch the Paranormal unit to try and deal with it, without much luck.

I get the feeling this one wont last long

I get the feeling this one wont last long

The espers seem to have the edge on the humans, mowing them down left and right. Its times like this that it can be rather hard to watch, but none the less, the frailness of humans is fully demonstrated here, as well as their strengths when well trained (aka the Paranormal unit) and soon enough, as we watch one of the espers try to bomb a group of innocent people, we learn that there is a small group of espers on humanity’s side, including the ‘White Girl’.

The episode ends with her arrival, along with her crew of merry friends, ready to kick some esper ass.

The glorious darkness

The glorious darkness

So what is there to say about this series? It sure has some bitchin’ music, and it’s yet another OST I definitely I want. The animation is stellar, the storyline is very dynamic and entertaining, and boy it’s fun to watch. It has some fantastic animation, especially the snow as it falls. I’m so far enjoying the story and will continue watching it at least into the second episode to see where it goes.

What I most enjoyed about this series is that there is a certain amount of depth to it in that it shows the frailness of humanity in a way that most other anime do not do. Other such anime like Aldnoah Zero, Attack on Titan, ect, are so painful to watch because the normal people are just getting slaughtered without an opposing force of decent strength to fight back against the threat.

Howdy whitey

What got me was the discrimination that the espers faced, even the good ones. It seems that espers are seen as all evil by the populous, which in turn really does add an element of typical hate into the show. But none the less, I’m enjoying it.