Looks like someone’s jealous…


Yaya is Naru’s best (and sole) friend.  The girls met as children and Yaya decided she wanted to protect Naru from then on.  So Yaya obviously isn’t pleased when Naru and Hana have unexpectedly become friends.  The last straw comes when Hana hangs out at Naru’s place in order to discuss how to recruit more members to do Yosakoi dance.

The Naru and the “naruko”.

Not long after, Yaya angrily confronts Naru and says that someone as timid as her could never learn to do the Yosakoi dance.  However, instead of discouraging Naru from dancing, this motivates her to try it instead, much to Yaya’s chagrin.

Dramatic anime confrontation scene go!

Naru begins practicing how to dance for a few days, unbeknownst to Yaya.  Noticing how frustrated the two friends are, Hana literally drags Yaya up to the school rooftop where Naru has been practicing.  Naru and Hana then put up a show, though Naru is still pretty horrible at it.  Nonetheless, Yaya finally realizes that she’s only been acting out of jealousy, and that she would be a terrible friend if she didn’t let Naru pursue something she’s finally passionate about.  Yaya thus relents and lets Naru continue dancing.

I just want to thank Yaya for being reasonable enough not to act stupidly and drag out this sort of drama for like five episodes.

My Opinion:

There is quite a bit of teenage angst in this episode, but I think it was handled rather well.  Yes there’s a bit of drama, especially during Yaya’s confrontation with Naru, but I think it was done in a way that didn’t make things too melodramatic.  Also, I have to acknowledge just how mature Yaya is acting about all this.  Yes, she was jealous.  Yes, she acted cruelly.  But at least she realized it in the end, and handles the situation so much better than a lot of other anime teens.

The focus shifts a little from Naru to Yaya, but we do still get some insight into Naru and Hana’s character.   Hana is actually a much more complex character than she first appears, and states that she actually took up Yosakoi dancing because she wanted to feel a sense of unity with a group.  Before that, she did something called “free-running,” which looks an awful lot like parkour.  That definitely explains why she was so agile in episode 1.  It was also nice to see Naru gaining a bit more confidence.  I rather liked that they show how much Naru is struggling with Yosakoi dancing, because realistically it’s going to take the average person more than a week to get everything down.

Overall, this was a good episode.  It’s shown in the OP theme that Yaya and two other girls will eventually join in Yosakoi dancing too.  After Yaya’s extreme reluctance about it, I’m really wondering how Hana’s going to convince Yaya to join.  I guess we’ll just have to see in the next episode.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2