Yes, they represent exactly what you think they do.

After the commercial shoot, Izumi has resumed life as normal quite easily – drawing his terrible manga, obsessing over Lala Lulu, the usual. Ryouma, on the other hand, is having a tremendously hard time in the aftermath, and finds that he still can’t get Izumi off his mind.

Since in all the confusion at the end of the shoot Izumi wasn’t able to return Ryouma’s good luck marble, Izumi decides he should probably give it back to him…except he ends up breaking it. He searches for an identical one, while Ryouma decides to use the cover story of going to retrieve his good luck charm in order to see Izumi again. Ryouma’s plan was that if he met him again out of makeup and costume and confirmed once and for all that he was a dude, his feelings of attraction would evaporate. Unfortunately, his plan backfires.

I kinda wanted to force a lame joke about balls here but eh.

One of the only non-otaku caricature people in the anime club besides Sena.

I can’t be the only one who thinks he looks cuter with the glasses, right? Ryouma’s a fool.

Well, there’s quite a few things to talk about in this episode. There’s quite a few good funny moments – Izumi’s conversations with Rei, for example, and all the elephant imagery in Ryouma’s mind. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been a really long time since I read any of the manga – so long that I’m pretty sure only the first few chapters were out at the time – so there are some parts where I couldn’t remember if they were even in the manga. For example, the other guy in the anime club that I capped up there. I’ve been meaning to read more of the manga (and reread the beginning), but to be honest there’s something fun about getting to experience something half-blind.

There is…one thing I did recall from the manga, concerning a certain scene in this episode…the scene where the BL part of the show kicks in. Honestly, it’s an uncomfortable scene, a kind of which is far, far too common in this genre. What happens is that Ryouma decides that the only way to stop his crush on Izumi is to reconfirm the latter’s masculinity to remind himself that he isn’t interested. Yeah. This guy’s plan literally was ‘I can’t stop thinking about this guy I have a crush on, but I’m totally not gay, so if I just pull down his pants and get a REAL GOOD LOOK AT HIS DICK and then I can just move on with my life.’ Unfortunately for him, seeing moe little Izumi half-undressed has the unintended effect of  giving him a boner and he loses control, and ends up not only kissing him again but going a little further and probably would have gone further still had Shougo not suddenly appeared and stopped him.  Of course, Izumi looks mortified and uketacular the entire time, and there’s that whole skeevy lack of consent thing that turns me off most BL manga. To the show’s credit, it at least seems to acknowledge that Ryouma’s move was not at all cool – he feels incredibly guilty about it and Izumi seems somewhat traumatized.  And also…well. Throughout this entire scene, Ryouma is replaced by what is best described as a Ryouma-shaped pink sparkly mass. You did indeed read that sentence correctly, and it’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. To be honest, I have no damn idea if this is the world’s worst artistic decision or a method of censorship. I know that recently airing restrictions for anime are getting stricter and stricter (although honestly it’s hard to tell what is a result of an actual restriction and what is just a ploy to get people to buy the uncensored blurays). On one hand, I hope that it’s the latter, but on the other, it’s so absurdly ridiculous that it distracted from how potentially rapey the scene was and I couldn’t stop laughing. Either way, it’s just…it’s something else, and I have no idea why anyone thought it didn’t look like the dumbest thing ever.

I have seen some internet commenters saying that there isn’t any more of this kind of problematic BL trope in the rest of Love Stage, so I hope they’re right. But will the consensual scenes also have humanoid sparkly fairy floss? I’m gonna have to just wait and see.


seriously what

‘I’m gay and I dont wanna be :c’

Out of 5,