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Now all I can think about is Tony with a bunch of villain pen pals

Episode 10

Tony starts off the episode with a bang, revealing that the “Silver Samurai” they’ve come to visit is actually Japan’s top villain. Apparently, Tony needs Samurai’s permission for the hero group to operate in Japan, now that America is no longer safe. He proposes a truce – he will not attack any of Japan’s villains if they promise not to aid Loki. Samurai refuses until Iron Man reminds him that he once saved his sister from ninjas…and then continues to refuse, insisting that he is a villain first and a samurai second.

Silver Samurai feels that Iron Man is no longer a worthy rival, and plans to kill him, but changes his mind when he is reluctantly impressed by the strength of Tony and Akira’s partnership. He challenges Akira and Tony to a duel of speed, his sword versus Akira’s D-Smash.

The sequences with Samurai’s sister look like they’re from an entirely different anime.

The other kids run in to save Akira, but are stopped by Samurai’s ninja servants. Akira, meanwhile, handily wins the duel by D-Smashing Iron Man just in time to stop Samurai’s blade, causing Samurai to agree to the truce.

Back at Stark Industries, Hikaru reflects on how working with the heroes is making him a more active, impulsive person. His thoughts are interrupted by a visit from Peter, bringing a video from Spider-Man. Spider-Man reveals that the situation in America is still dire, but that he refuses to leave his country unprotected. The kids tell Peter to tell Spider-Man “thank you very much,” which causes Peter to almost give up his identity by crying.

It’s a struggle each episode to decide which innuendo-filled dialogue to cap

This was a bit of a slow episode, and the first in this series that I would truly call “filler”. Silver Samurai doesn’t look like he’ll have a huge impact in the future, having agreed to a truce with the heroes, and the “duel” between him and Akira wasn’t very interesting, as it consisted mostly of standing around and talking. The episode had a lot of other lazy decisions – tons of “symbolic” static imagery (like the water pipe thing, which showed up every few seconds) and the other heroes’ fight against Samurai’s mooks not being shown at all. We also got four D-Smash sequences in a row. This show really needs to learn how to use transformation sequences properly – which is NOT as once-an-episode time filler.

I think this was supposed to symbolize…something? It kept showing up.

My favorite part of the episode was definitely the ending. Hikaru got a bit of character development as he realized he was becoming more impulsive thanks to his protective instincts regarding Akira. We also got to see more of Peter, one of the hands-down cutest characters in the entire show, and learn more about the situation in America. Sadly, now that the action has shifted to Japan, it seems the characters currently operating in America, including Spider-Man, Loki and his minions, might take a back seat for now.

The focus on Tony and Akira’s partnership this episode seems a bit odd, as they’ve already gotten the most focus of any of the pairs and seem to have a good relationship. However, it does give me some hope that we’ll get to see some more focus on the other pairs, especially Hikaru/Thor and Jessica/Wasp, who have gotten the least development so far.

Overall, this filler-feeling episode gets, out of 5:

dio  dio

Hikaru is such a cutie…


And so is Peter!


Episode 11:

Loki and his minions meet up on the ice world Jotunheim, where it is revealed that his team is getting a bit restless. As it turns out, they are all real-world celebrities whose careers are taking a hit due to the time spent carrying out their evil plans. Frustrated with their employer, they demand to know what he wants with the DISKs, but, predictably, he refuses to answer.

Back at the lab, Tony, Akira and Pepper are working to develop a machine to locate DISKS. Despite their supposedly “strong partnership” established last episode, Tony and Akira’s arguing stalls their research. Tired of the constant bickering, Pepper finishes the machine on her own. Tony gives Akira a present as an apology for his bossiness: modifying the in-line skates he received for his birthday into powerful “Booster Skates”. Akira happily skates around Tokyo, until he realizes there’s one small problem…the brakes aren’t working.

Hey, it’s Tony’s house from Iron Man 3….I mean, their Japan hideout

Eager to see more of Tokyo, Chris, Ed, Jessica and their partners head out shopping. Jessica discovers lolita fashion, Ed quickly makes friends among the otaku crowd, and Chris falls in love with Japanese sweets. Unfortunately, none of them are particularly good at hiding their mini-Avenger from public view, attracting some unwanted attention from their new friends.

Hikaru is feeling down due to the constant fighting, but realizes that he is lucky to be on the same side as his younger brother, unlike Thor and Loki. He catches sight of the out-of-control Akira and rushes to save him, leading to Thor complimenting both his kindness and his bravery. There follows a quite silly chase sequence as the duo try to get Akira to stop. Akira nearly falls off of an incomplete road, but is knocked off course by Mjolnir and caught by Hikaru.

There are a lot of gorgeous shots of Tokyo in this episode. It was hard to choose which ones to use.

As the kids sleep off an eventful day, Tony and Pepper finalize the machine which will allow them to locate more DISKs.

Like the last episode, this one was very much filler…but, unlike last episode, this was at least enjoyable filler. We got our first look at the characters’ down time, which allowed for bonding between the hero/kid pairs, and was surprisingly adorable. Between Jessica and Wasp giggling over fashion, Chris’s newfound love of Japanese sweets, and Ed finding an eager audience for his superhero knowledge, this episode was pretty darn squee-worthy. I found myself warming up to Ed and especially Chris in this episode- his genuine smile eating sweets and his banter with Cap, who refers to every situation in military terms, were quite fun to watch.

I also liked getting to learn a bit more about Loki’s minions (and see them unmasked for the first time!) I was surprised to learn that they are all real-world celebrities, including a musician and a chef, who are apparently missing major events (concerts, meetings, etc.) to help Loki. I wonder whether this will come up in the future.

Loki’s crew, sans masks. I still only know like two of their names.

The high point was definitely the Pepper/Tony interaction, which has been sadly lacking, and the Hikaru/Thor and Hikaru/Akira moments. Hikaru and Thor’s conversation about the duties of a big brother was something I’d been hoping to see for a while. Disk Wars Thor hasn’t had much chance to talk to his own younger brother, but it was good to see that he still very much cares for Loki and hates having to fight him. It was also adorable to see him realize he can be the big brother to both Akatsukis that he can no longer be to Loki.

I don’t take nearly enough caps of Pepper

The “action sequence” of Hikaru/Thor chasing the out-of-control Akira and his skates was silly and lighthearted, which was a nice break from the plot-heavy past few episodes. There was the storytelling cliche of “character hangs off of a cliff clinging onto another’s hand,” but it still managed to be humorous rather than trite, with their creative use of Mjolnir to escape.

Overall, this was a light-hearted, cute, funny episode which was in my opinion exactly what this anime needed right about now.

Out of 5 Dios:

dio dio dio dio

Chris in a cafe full of girls was a hilarious moment


My thoughts exactly, Chris


All of the adorableness points for Hikaru