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When one’s daughter starts acting strange, a father can’t help but worry.



Naru’s dad has noticed Naru acting strangely, but she just doesn’t have the courage to tell him what she’s really been doing… yet.  Back at school, the girls attempt to create a club logo, though they don’t have any sense of unity.  Eventually, Naru gets an idea (thanks in part to her dad) to represent the club with flowers—and so she makes their club logo from all of the girls’ favorite flowers.

Happy Naru is so cute.

Naru’s a better artist than I am.

Hana wants them all to perform at some mall event coming up in two months, though their teacher advisor, Sally, says they can only perform there on two conditions: 1. they must have a routine set down before then, and 2. they must pass their upcoming exams with an 80% average.  Thus begins an intense study session.  Tama and Yaya pass with flying colors, with Naru barely making it.  Hana, however, gets just a 72% average and feels bad for letting the group down.  Sally refuses to let the girls participate in the event, but they all nonetheless decide to work on their routine as if they were going to participate.

Hana’s surprisingly good at math and science but… how did she fail that badly at English????

Meanwhile, Yaya and her band attempt an audition at some big music company event in the hopes of making it big, though it seems Yaya’s bandmates are rather unsure of themselves.  During that same night, Sally looks over Hana’s Japanese work on Hana’s request.  Hana had accidentally given Sally the club’s choreography notebook too, and Sally takes a peek at that.

The next day during break, the other students become interested in Hana and co. discussing Yosakoi, so the girls put on an impromptu performance.  Sally manages to catch the tail-end of it and decides to let the girls do their event anyways.  Unfortunately, Yaya gets an urgent text message and rushes to the music room to find her bandmates looking dejected.  It turns out that their band didn’t make the auditions…

All’s well that ends well.

My Opinion:

This episode was probably far more plot heavy than any episodes we’ve had in the past.  A lot of things happened, but I thought it was all very well paced.  Because honestly, if we had to have a separate episode for the three minor story-arcs that happened this episode, it would probably be stretched out with too much filler.

Not much comedy this time, but plenty of teenage drama.  Fortunately the drama didn’t come off as overblown, though I did think the drama over the club thing was a bit melodramatic.  Basically, Yaya mentions off-handedly that the girls could all have entered into the mall event on their own time, but Hana gets upset because she wants them to enter as an official club.  I mean, I get that Hana wants them to be represented officially and all, but they could have just done this without the school’s support and all.  But whatever, it’s still understandable why Hana’s upset.

Six episodes in and we finally get to see a bit of the girls’ routine.  The music used for their dance is… basically the piano version of the OP theme, courtesy of Tama.  I would generally call that lazy but in this case at least it’s fitting.  I’m really liking how Naru continues to grow more confident as the series goes on.  Obviously she’s still shy and reserved, but she managed to dance in front of the class even though she was embarrassed.  That alone says a lot.

Overall, a decent episode.  I admit; I didn’t find this episode to be as entertaining as past episodes, because it was a bit more serious and somber in tone.  But hey, it looks like the Yosakoi club is finally coming together.  What will become of Yaya’s band, though?  We’ll just have to find out next episode.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Poor Yaya seems to always get the short end of the stick in this series though.