On this week’s episode of Tsuritama… I mean, Barakamon–


On the last day of Kawafuji’s and Kosuke’s vacation at the island, Handa and the gang all decide to go fishing.  They manage to catch a lot of mackerel despite some… setbacks.  Hiro attempts to catch a sea bream, and they do manage to snag it!  But it ends up getting away.  Instead of despairing, everyone has a good laugh, and they head home to a fried mackerel dinner.

I guess when you’re a kid, every day is a game.

Don’t tease Naru–OR ELSE

The next day, Kawafuji and Kosuke have to fly back to Tokyo, but before then everyone hangs out for a bit at the airport.  When Kawafuji and Kosuke finally depart, Hiro sadly muses to Miwa that they might have to leave the island someday when they’re older.  Meanwhile, on the plane, Kosuke monologues that he’s definitely going to return to the island someday.

…. :C

Love that Kawafuji wears the gift Naru got for him.

My Opinion:

This was a lovely episode.  Nothing much happened, but Barakamon continues to make the mundane interesting.

I’m glad that Kosuke stayed for at least one more episode.  He’s sort of a whiny kid but he does bring a special type of humor to the show.  And I really like the “moral” of the episode.  I think it is good advice to not take perceived “failures” so seriously.  I know I’ve definitely gotten overly upset over spilled drinks or accidentally broken dishes so it was nice to be reminded that it’s not the end of the world just because that happened.

Other things about this episode I liked was that Kosuke gets scolded by Kawafuji for being so rude to Handa in the last episode.  Kawafuji is actually a really cool dude, and I’m really sad to see him go.  Still, he’s pretty much a “city boy” and we’ve got Handa filling that role already, so it’s probably for the best that we see Kawafuji in small doses so that we don’t get tired of him quickly.  Humor on Naru’s end was great as usual.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.  We actually get a bit of drama towards the end, with Hiro musing about his future and musing about the fact that the younger generation will someday have to leave the island.  Somehow, I doubt that Barakamon as a series will end on such a sad note, but I guess anything’s possible at this point.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2