On this week’s Love Stage – hot smurf action.

Where we left off last week, Izumi was declaring that he never wants to go back home to a family who want to force him into show-business and that he would hide at Ryouma’s place forever if he had to. Ryouma in turn declares that he can’t just barge in here and expect him to keep his hormones in check, and Izumi replies that actually, he doesn’t give a damn anymore and Ryouma can do whatever he wants to him.
And now, this week, Ryouma does just that…but doesn’t get very far until his conscience gets the best of him – he may be a seme character in a BL show but damn it – he wants the first time to actually mean something.

Izumi starts to feel guilty about the people in his life who care about him who he may be hurting – particularly Rei, who hasn’t slept for days from worrying about where the hell he disappeared to. Despite being afraid of what might happen should he return home, Izumi is eventually brought out of his funk when Ryouma manages to arrange a special message to him from his idol – Saotome-sensei, AKA the mangaka of Lala-Lulu – essentially telling him to Never Give Up.

I like how dramatically Ryouma resisted temptation.

I honestly think the Lala-Lulu character designs are better than most of the Pretty Cure designs nowadays. Toei, this anime-within-an-anime parody thing from a BL show has better character designs than your legit series, how does that make you feel.)

Apparently falling to the dark side in Lala-Lulu dream-land means having purple streaks.

Another clipped round of applause for Ryouma doing the right thing by realizing ‘hey making out with someone while they are crying even if they told me to do whatever is really skeevy, I am stopping this’. Again, it’s still exasperating to me that acts of basic human decency even need to be applauded, but in the world of terrible BL anime…baby steps, baby steps. My only concern with all this is whether Izumi is going to start wanting Ryouma to bone him because he’s so nice. I mean, obviously him getting a personal review from his favourite manga artist for him is a pretty great thing to do for someone but I’m still going to be very disappointed if Ryouma ends up essentially buying a relationship with Izumi through gifts and Izumi ends up giving him his virginity out of a sense of obligation.
But anyway. Yes, I need to talk about it again. Here’s my reaction in real-time from the notes I took re: this second makeout scene.

Just like in episode three, Love Stage!! once again makes the absurdly hilarious decision of replacing one of the boys with a boy-shaped coloured blob, and I still can not figure out why. Are the animators trying to distract us from how skeevy the scene would be otherwise or is this honestly supposed to be artistically sensual? The only difference this time is that instead of pink it’s blue and instead of Ryouma it’s Izumi, but it’s still just as ridiculous. (So…when they finally make out at a time when both parties really want to, would they both be sparkly blobs or would neither?)

Anyway, the Lala-Lulu segments are still great to me, especially whenever Izumi is directly involved with them. This time it was another dream of his that vaguely represented his depression and how he was finally saved by Lala-Lulu, the representation of his hopes and dreams. (Why this moment of enlightenment caused all his clothes to disappear, who even knows anymore.) It’s incredibly goofy, but also kind of fun. I do find it rather funny that it’s Lala-Lulu and not Ryouma, though. For the time being, she’s still Izumi’s waifu for laifu – although the end of the episode infers that Izumi’s ~feelings~ for Ryouma may finally be opening after all. I just hope it’s not just because he thinks he ought to.

No, this didn’t make much more sense in context either.

Satou being really damn strong was actually one of my favourite parts of the episode. (Also is Izumi gigantic here or what)


Out of 5,