I still have no idea what Ekuu is supposed to be but his design’s grown on me.


In Kunamoto Prefecture, there resides a girl named Renka and her mascot Ekuu.  Renka is a lonely girl, whose friends shun her because she works so hard to the point that she forgets to have fun.  There’s a summer festival going on, and on a whim Renka goes to it with Ekuu.

Such great “friends”.

Once there, she meets a Mischief who tells her that being a magical girl is a lonely and unrewarding job as no one appreciates just how hard a magical girl has to work.  After having been shunned by her friends, Renka is nearly taken in by the Mischief’s words, but Ekuu manages to snap her out of it.  Ekuu tells Renka straight that she’s a stubborn girl, but he warns her not to let that stubbornness turn into selfishness.  Thus, Renka quickly destroys the Mischief and all is well.

Renka’s magical girl form is… a tad over-designed but I really love her watermelon skirt thing.

Fight scene. Whoo.

Afterwards, Renka bumps into her friends; and they all spend the rest of the night enjoying the festival together.

At least… short-haired girl actually APOLOGIZES. Pony-tail-haired girl, what the fuck is your shade???

My Opinion:

This arc would have actually been pretty neat if it wasn’t for the MASSIVE VICTIM BLAMING going on.  Such a shame.

Positives first: I liked that this arc explains a bit more about how the magical girls and their mascots work.  The magical girls are given powers thanks to the leylines around Japan.  Festivals help to strengthen the leylines, allowing the magical girls to perform their job—which is to protect the peace of the land.  But if a magical girl loses her passion for protecting the land (that is, turns selfish), she can get corrupted by a Mischief.

Unfortunately, the whole arc is ultimately marred by the horrible plot resolution.  The story would work out better if Renka’s friends weren’t shown to be terrible people.  Yes, I get that being too stubborn can also make you lose friends, but this moral only works if the “friends” in question were actually shown to be caring people in the first place.  The way it’s framed, Renka’s friends seem to get mad at her for the pettiest things and also constantly blame her for why they essentially abandoned her.


They also constantly blame her for not being able to “read the atmosphere/read between the lines” and that is really gross victim blaming.  Let me lay this on you straight: if you expect your friends to just magically know what you’re thinking/what you want, and then get upset at them when they don’t do things the way you want, but you don’t bother to tell them why you’re upset, then that is abusive and you should cut that shit out right away.  Seriously, Renka’s arc could have been resolved rather simply by her friends just actually telling her how they feel instead of being passive aggressive about it.  And yet the way the arc plays out, it’s almost as if it’s Renka’s fault for not having been able to pick up on subtle cues.

I may be taking this dumb anime too seriously, but I can’t help but feel like the moral of Renka’s arc is, “if you’re socially awkward it’s your fault you don’t have friends.”  Which is a really shitty thing to say.  Obviously even socially awkward people have to work a bit when it comes to relationships, because good relationships come about as the result of the efforts of BOTH people involved.  But as someone who has been socially awkward my whole life, and have had friends abandon me and turn on me for almost no discernible reason… man, it would have been really nice if they had just talked to me about it instead of immediately dropping me without a moment’s notice.

Anyway, out of five for this arc:

precure heart2


At least… she’s happy??? But seriously though you need better friends Renka.