Honestly, I sometimes feel like Yaya is more the main character of this series than Naru…


Yaya is still feeling depressed from not making the auditions.  Meanwhile, Naru and co. have started trying to find costumes to wear for the upcoming performance.  As Naru and co. are blissfully going about their lives, Yaya gets an urgent message from her bandmates.  They’ve all decided to break up the band, and this causes Yaya to sink into despair.

Fanservice… Fortunately, the fanservice is pretty tame for this series, but nonetheless, this is fanservice.

*sad drum beat*

After Yaya ditches practice one day, Naru, Hana, and Tama begin to worry.  Tama advises the two younger girls to tell Yaya how they feel.  This causes Naru and Hana to try to confront Yaya, but she just keeps running away.  Eventually, they manage to corner her, though everyone’s emotions get out of hand and hurtful things are said.  The confrontation ends with crying for all parties involved.

I feel like this needs to be said more in anime…

Naru and Hana once again seek Tama for advice.  Even though Yaya said such hurtful things, they both still want to be friends with her.  So one morning, Naru and Hana call out Yaya from the rooftops, and Yaya takes the bait.  Once she arrives, Naru and Hana apologize and both proclaim that they still want her in the club.  Yaya also finally admits why she’s upset, and decides to stay in the club.  She now participates in club practices with vigor.

Calling out a friend is serious business.

My Opinion:

It’s all well that ends well, I guess.  I have mixed feelings about this episode.  I’ve always thought Yaya to be the most interesting and dynamic character out of the group, just because she always gets the short end of the stick in most situations.  So having everything be so neatly resolved here felt a bit like a cop-out.

First off, Yaya’s band very conveniently disbands.  It would have been interesting to see Naru and Hana actually manage to snag another person to take Yaya’s place, because Yaya is busy with her band activities.  But NOPE Yaya has to take the fall instead, by having her bandmates go their separate ways.  And yes, I know Yaya acted somewhat cruelly towards Naru and Hana in this episode, but with the girl having gone through so much, I can somewhat understand.  Not only does she feel like she’s been abandoned by her best friend (Naru), but she also has her hopes and dreams shattered within a short span of time.  That’s got to be emotionally exhausting.

Luckily Yaya has the Yosakoi club and some goals to work toward now that her band is disbanded, but that plot thread feels cheap.  Honestly, did Yaya really have to be the one to be stuck in the club?  I would have liked to see Yaya be able to pursue her band career, and have Naru and Yaya both working towards different goals but still supporting each other as friends.  That way, Naru wouldn’t depend so much on Yaya and vice versa.  This is a story about Naru trying to grow stronger as a person, after all.  But I suppose that would be too complex for a series like this, and Yaya and Naru are BFFs so they’re stuck together in this anime.  Ah whatever.  At least Yaya seems happy at the end of the episode?

Overall, an okay episode.  Not really liking how things were resolved, and boy was there some melodrama.  But it could have been worse.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Well, at least it’s nice to see Yaya genuinely happy for once.