Wow Handa, that’s depressing.


It’s only two weeks until the contest deadline, and Handa has been unable to find motivation to write.  Handa attempts to find inspiration by taking a bath, but of course things go horribly wrong and he ends up wasting the day by hanging out with Hiro, and then Naru and her kiddie gang.

Handa how could you mess that up?!? All you had to do was mix cucumber slices with sugar and miso powder!

I have no words for this cap.

That’s it, this is the best cap I will ever take of this series.

On the way home, Handa gets struck by some sudden inspiration, but in his haste to run home he accidentally falls off a mountainside cliff.  Fortunately he survives (mainly because it wasn’t that tall a drop) but still believes he’s going to die out in the wilderness.  Suddenly, he sees the night sky full of stars.  Right around the same time, Miwa, Tama, and Naru find him.

That night, he makes a great calligraphy piece.  However, Handa’s remaining time on the island may be cut short as he suddenly gets a call to return back to Tokyo.

My Opinion:

This was a pretty light-hearted episode where Handa pretty much just hung out with the cast.  The highlight of the episode was definitely Handa and Hiro dealing with the playground bullies.  I had a good laugh at that.  The rest of the episode was just… so-so.  This episode just didn’t feel as “good” as past ones, even though the characters were just doing what they always did.  I suppose there was just too much of Handa screaming here; and there’s only so much I can take of him loudly freaking out, as funny as it is.

Really Handa, are you that incompetent when it comes to… pretty much anything that doesn’t involve calligraphy?  I get that that’s the main “joke” but it’s starting to become a little stale.  Personally, I find Barakamon to be funnier when it’s not just constantly poking fun at how inept Handa is.  At least this episode has some great Handa and Hiro interaction.  Apart from Naru, I always thought that Handa and Hiro made for a great comedy duo, since they’re so close in age.

Overall, a decent episode, though I couldn’t help feeling it was a little less funny than past ones.  At least we get some signs of a plot here, what with that ending.  It seems Handa will have to return to Tokyo by the next episode.  It should be interesting seeing how Naru reacts to that news.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2