Continuing on from last time, Naru nearly freezes up on stage but with her friends’ help she’s able to get back on her feet again.  After the show, Naru apologizes for messing up, when Hana suddenly collapses due to a cold.  It’s most likely the cold that threw everyone off-tempo, though after Hana gets better everyone agrees that it’s really no one’s fault and that they can still compete in the upcoming Yosakoi festival set for August.

However, before the girls can even think about the festival, trouble strikes once again.  Machi informs the girls that their club still isn’t recognized as an official club, because Sally is only a temp teacher and they need a full-time one to be their advisor.  However, the girls still want Sally to be their advisor, which pisses Machi off and she ends up saying some very cruel things to her older sister.

Really lovely animation this episode.

…which somewhat helps to balance out THIS.

Machi then muses about the event that made her so bitter towards her sister.  Apparently Sally was a model student, which made Machi strive to also be a model student.  And they were both planning to become doctors together to take over their family hospital.  However, Sally changed her mind and decided to be a teacher instead, even running away from home to do so.  This traumatized Machi and as a result she’s unable to forgive Sally for “abandoning” her and their family.


The same could be said for how you’re acting right now, Machi.

After another big altercation between the sisters, due in part to Tami bringing up Machi to the roof to watch their Yosakoi practice, Tami finally reveals to Machi just what is going on.  Sally had been studying to take an exam to become a full-time teacher at the school, unbeknownst to Machi.  Tami also mentions that Sally specifically chose this school, even though they only had a substitute spot.  This finally makes Machi realize that her sister still cares greatly about her.  She rushes to the principal’s office to find Sally… having passed the exam.  That night, walking home with Tami; Tami suggests that Machi join the Yosakoi club.

My Opinion:

Whoo boy, this episode sure had some unnecessary drama.  I get that Sally running away from home to pursue her real dreams greatly affected Machi, but even so I couldn’t help getting annoyed at and feeling like Machi was in the wrong here.  I understand that since that event happened when she was a kid, Machi would have a somewhat warped perspective of it.  But even so, man Machi, you sure acted extremely selfish in this episode.

I mean, the fault here lies more in the parents than anyone else, since Sally only left because she felt so pressured to live up to her parents’ expectations.  Yet the entire episode made Machi out into a sort of drama queen about the whole situation.  Honestly, it felt almost wildly OOC for someone as calm and collected as Machi.  I keep trying to find ways to excuse how cruel Machi was acting, but eventually I came to accept the fact: this anime thrives on melodrama, so melodrama is what we get.  Honestly, if I had known this anime would have been this melodramatic, I wouldn’t have bothered reviewing this series.  And honestly, I’m starting to reach my limit on how much more melodrama I can take.

It’s the same thing that happened with Yaya’s episode.  A whole ton of drama and a really cheap resolution.  In this episode, it felt even cheaper just because it was so quickly resolved after Machi made a huge deal about it.  To me it was literally just:

Tami: Oh she’s not that bad, she actually plans to become a full-time teacher and also she teaches here because she wanted to watch over you.
Machi: Oh okay I guess she’s not that bad after all.

This type of story-writing is hardly realistic, and I’ve been noticing a decline in story quality after the first few episodes.  Maybe it’s just because of lack of time/lack of number of episodes before this series ends, but I really hope the final episode isn’t this half-assed.

It’s actually quite unfortunate, because Machi aside, everything about this episode was pretty top-notch.  There were a lot of lovely colors in this episode, along with very lovely backgrounds.  Also, I think Sally is a greatly written adult character, which is rare for an anime focusing on the teenaged characters.  In other anime, the club advisor teacher tends to be rather bland and one-note—which makes sense since they’re not the main focus.  But Sally actually feels like a fully-rounded character, which is great.

Overall, this episode would have been much better if they’d just cut about half of the drama and angsting on Machi’s part.  So, I have to give this episode out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Scratch anything I said before, Sally is best character.