I’ve been trying to wait until a girl’s arc has completely finished before reviewing (it as a whole), but I’m making an exception for Konoe’s arc because it appears that it’s going to be a six-parter and that’s just a little too much to put into one review.

At first, I thought that this arc’s magical girl would actually be a grown adult woman for once… which isn’t the case, but Azuki is still pretty rad.


A young woman named Azuki is a supposed “monster specialist” and so goes around Kyoto investigating strange occurrences.  However, she’s mainly just called to investigate oddball cases.  One day, however, Azuki gets called to help the police with an investigation about paper cranes attacking a bunch of people.


After leaving the crime scene, Azuki happens upon a mysterious girl… who turns out to be the corrupted magical girl named Rei.  Azuki gets attacked by some paper cranes made by Rei, but Konoe, the magical girl of the region, rushes in to protect her.  Unfortunately, Rei has gotten too powerful and Konoe’s unable to stop her.  After Rei vanishes, Konoe’s familiar, Oage-san, notices that Azuki is special in that she can SEE him.  Not only that, but Azuki can also see Mischiefs and the leylines surrounding Kyoto.

uhhhh nice to see you too, Rei

Oage-san is pretty cool. Konoe’s magical girl design is pretty neat too, but her personality, on the other hand…

Oage then decides to explain just what’s going on.  Konoe comes from a long line of magical girls, who have strived to protect Kyoto for many years.  Rei is a corrupted magical girl, whose sole purpose now is gathering power from the leylines around Japan.  She’s been drawn to Kyoto because of the strength of the leylines.  However, Oage warns that if Rei gets any more powerful, people could start dying if she attacks.  After Oage finishes explaining things, Konoe tells Azuki to stay out of her way and promptly leaves.

A family with a history of magical girls is a pretty neat concept, actually. Too bad it’s not a trope that gets used often.

My Opinion:

It is actually extremely satisfying to finally have a third party character who gets involved with the magical girl shenanigans.  Not that the magical girl/talking familiar duo was bad, but it’s nice to have an actual competent adult character for once.  That said, Azuki’s okay.  We don’t get to learn much about her personality due to time constraints, but at least she actually seems to HAVE one.  Konoe is going to be the last magical girl of the Mahou Shojo Taisen series, yet she feels like one of the blandest.  Wow, a “dark” loner magical girl.  How original.  Heck, even Yuri was a better developed “dark” magical girl!  I suppose that’s just the downside of introducing a third major character to the group.

The animation in this episode was sort of a mixed bag.  There’s a scene of Azuki chasing some Mischief at the beginning of the arc, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s supposed to be a reference to Naruko chasing down Mischief at the very beginning of this series.  Still, I can’t help but feel like they just used that as an excuse to reuse assets, because Azuki falls down and gets up in almost the exact same manner.  There was also the issue of the crime scene that Azuki gets called to investigate.  There was actually blood everywhere, but the blood looked really… unrealistic?  Like, okay, there’s a lot of blood, but I don’t think blood should look/pool like that.  The blood looked too bright red and made perfect little pools.  The blood wasn’t the important part of that scene, though; so that can be forgiven.  Other than those bits of animation, everything else is pretty lovely.  There are a lot of reds in this particular arc, and some of the backgrounds are rather beautifully detailed.

Story-wise, I’m glad we’re getting to see Rei again, since Rei just kinda poofed away at the end of Rin’s arc.  Getting another showdown with Rei seems like the best way to end this series, as she’s the most powerful enemy the girls have had to face.  I hope we get a decent ending to Rei and Konoe’s arc, along with the series as a whole.

Out of five for all three episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

I’m not a big fan of the color red, but it’s used beautifully here.