guuuuuh I was supposed to post this earlier but I ended up being way too busy with work. Here’s (last) week’s Hanayamata review!

So Hana’s dad is an English teacher in Japan… that certainly explains how Hana’s conversational Japanese is so good.


Machi joins the Yosakoi Club! (surprise surprise)  Afterwards, we learn that the girls only have three weeks left until the Hanairo festival.  The girls now need to change their routine to incorporate a fifth member, and Machi needs to learn the girls’ moves.  So Tama suggests a training camp at one of her father’s traditional hot springs inns.  Before the training camp, the girls all hang out at Hana’s house, and learn that her father and mother are divorced; with her mother living in the U.S. and her father living in Japan.

This would have been more of a surprise if you weren’t already plastered all over the OP and ED theme.

The girls go there and train, but run into some trouble with Machi, who continues to have a strict attitude despite being the least experienced in Yosakoi dance.  The girls also find, to their chagrin, that they completely forgot to register for the Hanairo festival.  Things are made worse by Machi harshly criticizing them for being so disorderly and irresponsible.  That night, the girls attempt to relax after dinner, but find Machi missing.  Sally goes off to find Machi practicing in secret just outside the inn.

Hana, stop using Sally as a bargaining chip when trying to get stuff from the poor Yosakoi shop manager.

Upon hearing about Machi practicing, the girls decide to go out to practice too, in order to support her.  When the return to their room, Sally reveals that she was able to get the girls into the festival through some pulling of strings…  (*cough* poor Mr. Manager *cough*)  So the girls all return to their daily rooftop practices with vigor.  However, things may take a turn for the worst when Hana unexpectedly gets a call from her mother, who has just arrived in Japan…

This was a rather lovely shot of Sally.

Dancing in the moonlight… Also, whoah, I didn’t realize Machi was that tall.

My Opinion:

This was a much better episode than last week’s episode, because at least there wasn’t too much drama.  Kinda still upset that there’s SO MUCH unnecessary drama here, though; what with the girls FORGETTING TO SIGN UP for the festival they’ve all been looking forward too.  Which almost makes no sense.  I know that the girls are pretty disorganized, but for something this important I’m sure that at least one of them should have thought about it?  Anyway, things get pretty neatly resolved at the end anyway, so it’s not like there was any sense of lasting damage.  Yes, I’m still going to get angry at this series for resolving things so damn quickly.

Ranting aside, I like that Machi is at least becoming a little friendlier and not so… stand-offish.  Especially in regards to her older sister.  And I also like that it’s shown that she’s struggling with the dance moves as a beginner.  It wouldn’t be at all realistic for her to get the moves down perfectly right away.

I was also almost happy that we might have finally gotten a kid with divorced parents who isn’t too upset about their circumstances.  All I want in this world is an anime or cartoon that addresses that sometimes divorce happens, and it’s not the end of the world if it occurs, and it’s not a bad thing if the parents never get back together again.  But sadly, the ending of this episode sort of demolished my hopes for that…  I get the feeling Hana’s mom will try to get her to come back to America (more forced drama, great), but obviously a happy ending will happen and things will get super neatly resolved in a way that makes everyone happy.  Honestly, at this point, it’d be more surprising if there WASN’T a happy ending, but… we’ll see.

Overall, an okay episode.  My love of this series has definitely waned, and you can probably tell that from my latest reviews.  I mean, the characters are still decent, but man, stop it with the unnecessary drama already.  Such types of drama have no weight when it always gets IMMEDIATELY resolved by the end of the episode.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Looking good, girls.