Hanayamata Episode 11

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Machi’s obviously the most mature one out of the group.


The girls continue practicing for the Hanairo Festival, which is now just a week away.  However, Naru notices that Hana has been pretty bummed the last couple of days.  It appears that Hana’s mom is currently staying with her and her father in Japan, but Naru wonders what it is about that that’s making Hana so depressed.  Meanwhile, the girls get their outfits and props ready, as well as add lyrics to the song they’re dancing to.

Other than the charred steak the rest of Hana’s lunch looks pretty good.

Then one night, Hana unexpectedly visits Naru.  Hana, in tears, finally reveals to Naru that she has to leave for the States the next day.  Her mother and father are finally getting back together and living together as a family, which was Hana’s dream.  But Hana just didn’t have the courage to tell everyone about it.  Hana and Naru have an impromptu sleepover, and the next day, Naru wakes up to find Hana gone.  At school, as the other girls meet up for practice, Naru shows them the letter that Hana wrote, detailing her departure.

Seeing the generally-happy Hana look so sad is actually heartwrenching.

The girls all quickly rush to the airport to say one final goodbye to Hana.  Afterwards, everyone is saddened, but Naru motivates everyone to continue practicing for the Hanairo Festival, for Hana’s sake.

My Opinion:

First off, I have to give kudos to Hanayamata for FINALLY having a conflict resolution that isn’t quickly, easily, or happily resolved.  The ending of this week’s episode really took me off-guard.  Somehow, with past conflict resolutions in mind, the sheer bittersweetness of this one just sinks in that much deeper.

The conflict this time is definitely dramatic, but rightly so.  Hana has to choose between her family and her friends, and that’s never an easy decision for one to make, especially at that age.  There are definitely giant hints dropped about that Hana’s father and mother realize how sad she is to leave Japan.  The next episode is the final one, and there’s about a 50-50 chance that Hana either stays in the states or returns to Japan to join the girls at the festival.  Honestly, I can’t even tell at this point.

Overall, this was a great episode.  I’m glad to see that Hana doesn’t immediately call off the trip (as much as I secretly kinda wanted her to).  And I’m glad that Naru and co. were just rushing to the airport to say goodbye, instead of trying to stop her.  That’s what real friends would do.

As I said above, the next episode is the last.  Hanayamata has been a bumpy ride at times, but I’m still hoping for a satisfying conclusion.

Out of five:

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