How did you guys make that much of a mess in such a short amount of time?!


Handa wants to go back to the island but his mom tries to get him to stay in Tokyo, afraid of the “weird people” Handa associates with on the island.  However, his father actually lived on the island for a time, and fully supports any of Handa’s decisions.  Due to his mom’s disapproval, Handa wonders if he should stay in Tokyo for a time.  That is, until he suddenly gets a package from the villagers.  Inside is a bunch of treats that the kids threw in, along with some calligraphy from Tama and Miwa.  Seeing these, Handa’s mom finally realizes that the island has helped her son to mature, and that he’s needed on the island.  Thus, she relents and Handa makes a trip back to the village.


I needed to include this screencap because Handa’s dad looks SO FREAKING PISSED to be holding a baby.

Handa’s dad… you’re a pretty cool old dude.

When he gets back to his old home, he gets a very loud and very warm welcome.  Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, Handa’s work is appraised.  Although he only gets fifth place, Handa has grown enough that he’s learned to forge his own path, wherever that may lead.

This screencap is so cute…

My Opinion:

Such a great ending to a great series.  And as I predicted, this episode was just a giant welcoming party for Handa.  And it was glorious.

I’m really surprised that Handa’s mom continued to be so averse to Handa going back to the island, since she seemed to be fine with it last episode.  I guess she decided to put up one last fight.  But in the end she realizes that Handa can’t be treated like a child anymore, which is a pretty important lesson that I think all parents need to learn.  Also, we get some backstory for Handa’s dad.  He apparently lived on the island at Handa’s age too, which explains why he sent Handa there in the first place.  Well, like father like son, I suppose.

There’s not much else to say about this episode, as it was just one big epilogue episode essentially.  Even though it was just an epilogue episode, it was still full of the same humor and heartwarming scenes that we’ve come to know from this series.  I’m sad to see Barakamon end, but if there was ever a fitting ending to this type of series at all, then this episode would be it.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Final Thoughts:

Out of the two, Barakamon was definitely the more enjoyable series that I’ve decided to review.  Sure, there was some drama, but overall the series is a very light-hearted one.  There’s laughs to be had in every episode, and some surprisingly heart-warming moments too.  There’s also some very great nuggets of wisdom hidden in this series, about how to deal with failure or worry.

Of course, this series would fail if it weren’t for its great cast of characters.  Not everyone gets the same amount of screentime, but all the characters do help to bring the island village to life.  A special mention goes to Handa.  While not a village resident, he grows in leaps and bounds as the series progresses.  While he still has a lot to learn, by the end of the episode, he finally feels somewhat mature and more importantly, happier.  And really, that’s something we all should strive for.

Out of five for the series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2