First Impressions to come soon… but first, have the final review for Mahou Shojo Taisen!

Time for the… FINAL BATTLE!


We FINALLY get some back-story for Rei, and just how she became a corrupted magical girl.  It turns out that as a magical girl, she was unable to save everyone after a tragic run-in with a Mischief and felt horribly afterwards.  Thus, her familiar got corrupted and so did she.

Back in the present, Rei and Konoe meet for their final showdown.  Rei’s corrupt familiar breaks down the dam the holds the leyline, causing the rest of the leylines to break in turn.  Rei absorbs the power and turns into a giant peacock-like monster.  While Konoe battles this monster, Azuki works hard trying to divert the power of the leylines underground, in order to cut off power to Rei.  Fortunately, this works, and Konoe is able to purify both Rei and her familiar.

…well then.

This battle would have been cooler if it wasn’t basically just these two just chi-blasting each other like an episode of Dragonball Z.

“hey guys we didn’t have time to put in a transformation for Konoe so have this scene of her defeating the enemy instead”

The last episode is dedicated to a small montage, showing where all the magical girls are now.  Right at the end, a new magical girl appears, apparently having come from the heavens itself.  She proclaims that she will slay all the gods of this world, and disappears into the forest…


My Opinion:

Welp, the final arc of Mahou Shojo Taisen ended up being super under-whelming and also rather anti-climatic.  That’s it?  THAT’S the final battle?  I mean, I knew there would be a big boss fight but that was so horribly rushed that it was disappointing.  The first three episodes of Konoe’s arc looked so promising too.  But instead of a satisfying fight, all we get is a duex ex machina and BAM Rei’s totally okay now.  Maybe if the last episode wasn’t dedicated to a somewhat pointless montage and the random introduction of a new magical girl, Konoe’s arc might have had a better ending.

As nice as the montage in the last episode was, it was really rather pointless.  But not as pointless as the introduction of a mysterious magical girl.  Okay, okay, I know why they introduced her in the last episode.  She’s actually the star of the PS Vita game they have for Mahou Shojo Taisen.  And since the anime of this series is basically one lengthy commercial, it makes sense that they’d want to try to hook viewers in by showing the new girl.  Still, I couldn’t help but feel like this was a whole new level of shameless advertising for the series.  Ah well.  It’s done; it’s ended.  As much as I gripe about it that isn’t going to change the ending.

Rei actually turned out to be an interesting character.  Too bad she didn’t get much spotlight; nor did Konoe.  Poor girl didn’t even get a transformation sequence.

Out of five for these last three episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2

Final Thoughts:

Mahou Shojo Taisen was a series with an interesting premise.  A magical girl for each prefecture of Japan.  For the girls who were able to get featured, they had some fairly interesting stories that explored different aspects of the magical girl genre.  Sadly, there simply isn’t enough time given to explore all the girls’ stories in depth, and that’s the thing that hurts this series the most.  Why just four minutes an episode?  I get that this series is meant to be one big ad so there’s not as much priority for it, and there’s the issue of costs too.  But due to the four-minute time limit all the girls’ arcs ended up feeling horribly rushed and underdeveloped.

Even Sengoku Collection had a dedicated full episode for each girl, and even then some of its stories were pretty rushed.  While Mahou Shojo Taisen does give its girls several episodes, this doesn’t amount to much when it’s basically just 12 minutes total—which is just half of a full anime episode.  Seriously, the four-minute thing is the worst thing about this series.

Other than that, some of the girls are simply characterized better than others.  They do all fall into some sort of magical girl personality clichés, like the “reluctant magical girl”, the “clumsy girl”, the “loner girl”, etc.  But at least some of the girls still manage to have decently original personalities despite that.  I do wish that we had gotten to see a bit more about the culture from each prefecture that a girl represents; as that was basically window dressing to the girls’ stories.  But alas, you can’t expect much with such a tight episode time limit.

Overall, I feel a bit lukewarm about the series.  While Mahou Shojo did give us some gems, namely in Rin’s and Yuri’s arc, the rest of the arcs were pretty one-note and bland.  Still, they managed to cram a ton of worldbuilding throughout the whole series, and it is sometimes incredibly lovely to look at.  If only they had gone the way of Sengoku Collection instead.

Out of five for this series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Award for the prettiest magical girl design goes to…

Yuri’s arc is still my absolute favorite though.