The teenage angst is strong with this one.


Nonoka and her father return to Lake Kiriya City, where they used to live seven years ago.  They left the city for Tokyo, when Nonoka’s mother was still alive.  Now it’s just the father/daughter duo living by themselves.

Nonoka is certainly… a character.

When Nonoka returns to Lake Kiriya City, the first thing she notices is a large disc floating in the sky.  Strangely, none of the other city-dwellers seem to mind it much.  On her first day “back home”, Nonoka meets a strange, blue-haired girl named Noel.  Noel claims that she’s been waiting for Nonoka all this time, but Nonoka can’t seem to remember who Noel is.

Seriously is no one unnerved by that giant floating disc?

After Nonoka leaves the house to get some groceries, she returns to find Noel unpacking the family’s belongings, and holding a shattered picture frame of her late mother.  Nonoka is immediately furious at Noel, believing her to have broken the photo.  Nonoka tells Noel to never show her face again, so Noel promptly disappears.  Later that day, when Nonoka’s father gets home, he admits that he was the one who broke the frame.  Nonoka realizes her mistake, and so rushes into the city to find Noel, but she’s unsuccessful.  As it starts to rain, Nonoka finally regains her memories of Noel, and runs to the observatory.  As she remembered from her childhood, Noel is there, and the two share a happy reunion.

Noel then claims that it’s her job to make Nonoka’s wishes come true.

Annnnnd here we have the central conflict of five childhood friends who have drifted apart.

My Opinion:

First off, the good things about this episode.  The animation quality is simply gorgeous.  The backgrounds, the way the characters move; it’s all animated beautifully.  It’s almost movie-quality like.

Now, the bad things.  Way too much drama for somewhat mundane stuff.  This series actually reminds me a lot of Glasslip’s first episode.  Pretty animation, but tons of petty drama.  I understand why Nonoka would be upset about thinking Noel broke her late mother’s picture frame, but geeze.  OF COURSE Nonoka says the harshest thing she can so that when she realizes her mistake later it can get played for MAXIMUM DRAMA.  What makes it worse is Nonoka even wonders later just WHY she said something so harsh.  I get that this was to drive home the point that Nonoka was acting without thinking before, but in an anime addressing shoddy writing doesn’t make it any less shoddy.

I’m also not liking how Nonoka’s childhood friends are introduced.  I think this anime is trying way too hard to make everyone super “unique” and “quirky” and it just comes off as sort of annoying.  They can all be named by their character cliches at this point.  There’s the air-headed girl, the “genki” girl, the pessimistic boy, and the “dark loner girl.”  I especially do not like “dark loner girl” because she basically goes up to Nonoka in one scene and says, “Why did you bother coming back now?” and then just as promptly leaves.  I can understand that she’s angry because Nonoka basically moved away without telling anyone, but geeze.  So much damn drama.

I also have to wonder about Nonoka’s weird amnesia thing.  I suppose her mother’s death might have made her forget nearly everything about the city, but that was only seven years ago!  And yeah, she might have been pretty young, but she looks seven or eight in the flashbacks.  I don’t think that, at Nonoka’s age (which is probably 14 or 15), that you’d forget what happened at seven years old that easily.  Especially not if it concerns a weird BLUE-HAIRED MAGICAL GIRL.

Overall, this episode had lovely animation, but the story leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I mean, it does seem like a potentially interesting series, but if the first episode has this much teen angst then I’m worried about what will happen in the next few episodes.  Honestly, Hanaymata gave me enough teen angst in anime to last till the end of this year.  I’m out.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Now lets just hope this series doesn’t suddenly pull a “Madoka” or else I’ll just have more reason to hate it.