I’m writing this in the international airport, so no one can say I’m not dedicated.

One day while out for a stroll, a young man named Tatsumi discovers a beached merman on the riverbank and decides to take him home. The carefree merman, AKA Wakasa, takes up residence in his bathtub.
That’s about all, really.

He takes it pretty well.


There seems to be quite a few BL series about young men having blond merman living in their bathtub (by which I mean there are more than two, anyway). While Orenchi Fuyo Jijou isn’t technically BL, it does have an obvious aesthetic to it and seems to have a fujioshi audience in mind. (I mean, the episode ends with both characters in the tub together) I’d been kind of interested in this one because the art at least seemed nice, and was surprised that it was four minutes long.

Usually I no longer bother reviewing anime shorts because four minutes is never enough time to make a judgement on something. In this case, at least, there’s actually a few things I can say about it. For one, it’s surprisingly well animated. it’s true that there isn’t exactly much action to begin with but the quality of the animation seemed a good deal higher than what I expect to see in a 4 minute show. Its also got that super sparkly moe look – up to and including those weird pink shoulders, which is not something you tend to see with male characters.

I have no idea where the show is headed but it seems like a laid back comedy series focusing on the contrasting personalities of the two leads. And yet, confusingly, the brief opening credits were almost ridiculously serious and didn’t seem to suit this first episode in any way. Huh.
Due to its length it won’t be difficult to marathon the four or so more episodes that will be out by the time I get back, so I’ll probably watch just a little more of it to see what happens.

I don’t think he cares, Wakasa.

Out of 5,

(let’s pretend there are 3 melonbreads here because I am a baby who can’t WordPress on a tablet.)