If this is how you ask people out on dates, I don’t wanna know how you treat the people you DON’T like.


Kanie Seiya is a narcissistic young man who one day gets forcefully “asked out” on a date by the strange and somewhat stoic Sento Isuzu.  They both go to a run-down amusement park called “Amagi Brilliant Park” to spend a Sunday together.  However (being run-down), things are… less than “brilliant.”


At the end of the day, Seiya feels upset over how disappointing the park is and goes on a long rant.  Seeing how passionate he is about the state of the park, Isuzu convinces Seiya to stay a bit longer by making him eat the park’s croquettes, which are—amazingly—delicious.  Isuzu then takes Seiya up to see the park’s manager, who is a youngish looking girl dressed up in princess garb.  She calls herself “Latifa,” and claims that the park houses the natives of Maple Land, which is a magical place.  All of the mascots are actually fairies, and most of the workers are also magical beings.  Latifa asks that Seiya become the new manager and rescue the park as it is on the brink of closing down.

If a theme park manager dressed like that normally, I’d be a little bit concerned.

Seiya refuses to believe something so absurd so Latifa decides to bestow some magic onto him.  She kisses him (which seems to trigger some sort of lost memory) and Seiya passes out.  When he awakens, he finds himself back in his room.  But, upon speaking with his older sister, he finds out that he can now read minds.  This was the “magic power” bestowed onto him.

I didn’t get a good shot of him so here; have generic male lead in all his glory.

My Opinion:

I’ll be brutally honest here—I didn’t really like this episode nor did I find it very enjoyable.  While the scene where Seiya is in the shooting game house was sort of amusing, everything else was just kind of awkward to watch.  This series’ humor honestly feels extremely forced.

Isuzu is supposed to be funny because she’s so weird; but having seen as much anime as I have in my lifetime, this character cliché is nothing new and is frankly quite annoying.  The only thing that was kind of neat about her character was that her “magic ability” seems to be pulling muskets out of thin air or right from under her skirt; which reminds me a lot of Mami from the Madoka series.  (The muskets even have a similar design.)  Seiya fares a little better in that he actually acts like a normal, sane person.  His “quirk” is that he’s a huge narcissist, which is kinda refreshing for a male lead as there aren’t too many leads like that (…well, that I’ve seen).  His back-story is also rather interesting, as he’s stated to have been a famous child actor, who is implied to have had some ties with the park in the past.  But of course, with this being the first episode, we don’t get much more information than that.

I get that there’s supposed to be some sort of “magical realism” going on in this series, but it just came off rather stilted to me.  Maybe if there was a bit more hint at something magical about the park instead of just having Latifa say it out loud, that would have made things more believable.  Just having Seiya suddenly gain mind reading powers feels more like an asspull than anything else.  Because literally nothing else before that implied that the park was in any way magical or inhabited by fairies.  No, a mascot beating the crap out of Seiya and Isuzu saying “there’s no one inside [the costume]” does not count.

While the animation for this episode was lovely (as to be expected from a big studio like Kyoani), I just couldn’t get myself to be very interested in the episode.  It was honestly just kind of dull to watch, as Seiya (the pessimist) and Isuzu (the… whatever SHE is) just don’t make a great comedy duo so their trek through the park just dragged on and on and on.  I get that that extended park sequence was to make a point about how run-down everything is, but that doesn’t make if fun to watch!  Okay, okay, I should cut this series some slack as first episodes of everything tend to be rather hit-or-miss.  But I still can’t forgive this series for its clichéd anime humor.  You know, the type of humor that’s written by someone who thinks they are far more witty or clever than they actually are and thinks characters over-reacting counts as “humor.”

Overall, I did not like this series.  Maybe it wasn’t right for me.  Maybe things get more interesting later on.  But for now, this series just feels so formulaic and clichéd to me that I’m not interested in watching another episode.  There’s a normal dude, there’s a weird girl, there’s a situation that the weird girl wants the guy to fix, and also the dude just inexplicably has very specific amnesia.  That is the basic set-up for Amagi Brilliant Park, and by describing that I just described the bulk of most anime out there.  The only possibly unique thing about this series is that it involves fairies running a theme park.  But cliches are still cliches, and this feels like something I would have watched ten years ago; just with a fresher coat of paint.

Out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

I’m giving it that low a score because even Sora no Method didn’t piss me off that bad.

The same could be said about this entire episode.