Jurai, I like you already.

It is an ordinary day for the Literature Club, which consists of several girls and Andou Jurai, a boy with chuunibyou. Unfortunately, his acted-out scenes causes the other members to cry, call an ambulance, or attack him, depending on their personalities. Jurai’s chuunibyou specifically manifests as an unshakable belief that he will someday develop superpowers…which, of course, he immediately does, starting to spontaneously glow in the middle of the meeting.

Six months later, the club’s daily life has not changed – except that, now, they all really do have superpowers. The hot-tempered girl, Tomoyo, can manipulate time. The quiet, polite girl, Hatoko, can manipulate various elements. The elementary school girl who is for some reason part of a high school club, Chifuyu, can create matter. The club president, Sayumi, has the ability to “restore anything she touches to its original state,” which neither I nor the club members seem to understand.

The club continues to operate in a fairly routine manner, engaging in training battles and undergoing monthly “superpower checkups”. Jurai still seems to be suffering from chuunibyou despite now actually having superpowers – he has named all of the characters powers’, and narrates their battles as though they were part of some epic struggle.

Unlimited Blade Works, is that you?

Before Jurai can reveal his power, the student council president, Mirei, shows up for a surprise “club inspection”. It seems that, since gaining powers, the Literature Club has received many complaints of screaming and loud noises coming from their club room. Jurai accuses the president of harboring a “secret identity,” which the others attempt to pass off as a chuunibyou-induced delusion….until it turns out to be true.

Mirei reveals that she has superpowers as well. After receiving an anonymous e-mail warning her that the Literature Club is dangerous, she has been secretly spying on them in preparation for challenging them to a duel. Jurai responds to her challenge, but it turns out that his power, “Dark and Dark,” can only create small black flames, utterly useless in combat. Mirei reveals her objective: she can steal the powers of others. She quickly robs Jurai of his flame, only to despair at its worthlessness. Tomoyo, realizing that Mirei can only steal powers she has seen activated, challenges her to a physical fight instead. The cowardly Mirei surrenders immediately and restores Jurai’s power.

The club wonders if others in the school have developed powers and who sent Mirei they mysterious mail. A strange figure hanging upside down in a tree announces that he is pleased with their progress and will continue to watch them.

I wonder if Jurai’s true power is creating eyecatches

I will admit, I went into this expecting a generic harem series. Club that seems to do nothing consisting of exactly five members – check. Club consists of only one guy – check. Aggressive, violent girl, girl displaying tsundere tendencies, polite and elegant girl, young and cutesy girl – check. I was expecting to hate this, and, while I don’t love it, it was….actually pretty funny.

So far, I actually like Jurai the most out of the characters. He reminds me a little bit of Okabe/Hououin Kyouma from Steins;Gate, what with his giving strange names to everything and constant over-the-top declarations. I also laughed at the fact that he got a completely useless power – and yet still treats it like it’s the best thing in the world, even saying “good morning” and “good night” to it. I also like that receiving actual superpowers did not seem to lessen his chuunibyou tendencies in the slightest.

The girls seem to be fairly generic so far, but I do have some hope that their superpowers indicate some breaking of the mold. (The quiet, polite girl has destructive elemental powers, and seemed to revel in using them during battle, while the judo and karate black-belt is the healer). I really liked the “fight” with Mirei at the end – the group realized quickly that she could steal powers, so they challenged her to a physical match instead. It was a subversion of the “epic battle” I was expecting, but I did find it quite humorous, especially all the riffing on Jurai’s power.

This show wasn’t great, but it was genuinely funny, it looks very slick (especially the powers in action), there were some nice references (Chifuyu basically creating Unlimited Blade Works with her power) and it’s done by Studio Trigger (yes, I loved Kill la Kill). All this is enough for me to give it at least one more episode and consider blogging it.

Out of 5 Dios (or should I say 5 Tomoyas, as her power shares a lot of similarities with Dio’s The World):

dio   dio  dio

This is how I would behave if I had superpowers. Wouldn’t you?

For all that the others mock Jurai’s chuunibyou tendencies, they all have their moments…