Edgeworth, is that you?

A young boy is told by a mysterious man about the existence of a magical library which contains books about everything. He resolves to find it, and receives a ticket from the man that will supposedly allow him to enter should he ever find it. Years later, the boy, named Kyotaro Kakei, is still just as book-obsessed.

One day, he sees a shy girl, Tsugumi, passing out flyers for something called the “Happy Project”. On the same day, he receives a text from a mysterious entity called “The Shepherd” and has a vision of Tsugumi being hit by a train. He pulls her to safety…aaand grabs her chest. How the heck did I manage to review two shows with boob grabs in the first couple minutes IN THE SAME DAY?

Kyotaro’s friend, Ikkei, somehow managed to get a picture of the fateful boob grab, and the two boys talk about it at length. Kakei is comforted by the fact that he’ll never see her again…until it turns out that they’re in the same class. He goes through his day meeting various girls, including the student council president and one who works as a waitress at the school’s ultra-fancy cafeteria.

I really like her design

Kyotaro explains (via narration) that his school is a super prestigious academy for highly motivated students. It also holds rumors of “The Shepherd,” a mysterious force who grants the wishes of hardworking students. An aggressive girl, Tamamo, accosts Kyotaro, having received a picture of his chest-grabbing incident from The Shepherd. He barely manages to escape a beatdown by her and her friends, but a rumor spreads around the school that he is a molester, and his reputation is ruined.

He apologizes to Tsugumi, who realizes that he saved her and thanks him. However, he is surrounded by a bunch of students calling him a molester, and is about to be beaten up before he is saved by Ikkei, who is in the karate club. Tsugumi then tries to dispel the rumor by claiming that it was consensual, and that they are an exhibitionist couple.

Kyotaro withdraws to the library, home of the Library Club, of which he is the only member. Tsugumi goes with him and invites him to join the “Happy Project,” which has the goal of “making school more fun” in an unspecified way. He agrees to join mostly so he can avoid the student council president’s aggressive attempts to make him an officer. The Project decides to take over the Library Club’s room, and thus Kyotaro’s peaceful life is ended. Elsewhere, the mysterious man from the prologue reveals that Kyotaro is a candidate to become the next Shepherd.

Best character

Man, the worst part of this was that I actually hoped to like this show. I love books, and the idea of a show set in a library featuring a Library Club and a book-obsessed protagonist seemed really interesting to me, especially given how much I love Read or Die. And the bit at the beginning with the mysterious man and the “magic library” was really interesting…until it turned into generic school/harem shenanigans. How did I manage to review two shows in the same day that featured a boob grab within the first minute? And this one wasn’t just a one-time thing, either – this was a PLOT RELEVANT boob grab, nearly ruining Kyotaro’s reputation until Tsugumi stepped in with her weird explanation.

This show also contained the horribly unfunny tropes of “people yelling at each other and overreacting to everything is really funny” and “the main character getting beaten up on is really funny”. It’s also based on a branching-route visual novel, with the anime clearly revealing whose path it will be following (hint: It’s Tsugumi). I wish it had chosen one of the more interesting seeming girls (at least from what little impression I could get of them), like the library worker who seems to be a Shepherd candidate as well and the student council president, who has the coolest design out of all the girls.

This show was even more a let down than other s I’ve reviewed recently, probably because I actually had some hope for it. I definitely won’t be watching any more of this.

Out of 5 Dios,
dio  (entirely for Kyotaro’s really fat, selfish cat who is hilarious and the best character)

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