Why on earth does her mage uniform include a monocle

A generic-looking young man wakes up from a dream of chasing his friend Hijiri to find that he is grabbing her chest. First boob grab at thirty seconds in. I think this might be some kind of record.

Hijiri and the boy, Arata, are cousins who live together with no apparent guardians. On the way to school, Arata passes by a mysterious girl who tells him that he must “awaken” or else he will be killed. At school, he notices that the sun has mysteriously turned black. Hijiri acts all mysterious and says that it doesn’t matter, because their lives are perfect. She even promises him more boob grabs if he will stop asking about the sun.

Arata realizes that this cannot actually be Hijiri, because the real one would never offer free boob grabs. The girl from earlier, Lilith, shows up and shoots the false Hijiri. Lilith explains that the black sun was actually a mass gravitational disturbance which killed everyone. Arata is alive because Hijiri, who is a mage, gave him an artifact which granted wishes, and he wished for “the return of his normal life”. The false Hijiri is actually the artifact in human form, and Lilith is another mage, sent to oppose her.

She makes him choose between a peaceful life (with the loss of all memories of Hijiri) and death. He takes a third option and…decides to enter a magic school. He hopes to use the school’s resources to find Hijiri, who is still alive somewhere. It turns out that Lilith is his teacher and the class he is assigned to consists mostly of girls. An outspoken girl interrogates him and reveals that…he is actually super powerful, on the level of something called a “demon lord”. This causes the headmaster to take a personal interest in Arata. He tells Arata that in order to succeed in his quest to find Hijiri, he must make the Trinity Seven, the school’s most powerful mages (all of whom are female) into “his pawns”.

He meets the first of them, a girl called Levi who calls herself a ninja. She is immediately drawn to him and info dumps some facts about the Trinity Seven’s stats. Back in his room, he goes to take a bath and runs into a girl who looks exactly like Hijiri and does not react at all to him being totally nude. Apparently, the girl’s name is Arin and she has no relation to Hijiri. Yeah. I totally believe that.

Is this the ultimate evolution of purely aesthetic glasses?

Man, was this show terrible. It read less like a coherent episode and more like a neverending parade of girls inexplicably throwing themselves at the painfully bland Arata, whose only personality seems to be “perverted”. Seriously, this is one of the most blatant “male fantasy” shows I’ve ever seen. What kind of girl asks a guy what kind of boobs he likes on their first meeting, in front of an entire class? What kind of a girl bathes in the men’s baths and then doesn’t react when a nude man comes in except to tell him her bust size? Literally zero of these female characters came across as even slightly realistic to me.

The character designs and types were also generic as heck. The red-headed girl is a tsundere! The white-haired girl is emotionless! The yellow-haired girl is perky! GROAN. One of the members of the Seven we haven’t met yet is also portrayed as wearing some sort of bondage-gear like uniform instead of the standard school outfit.

I was also super disappointed midway through when the plot switched to “students going to magic school”. The giant black gravitational disturbance sun-thing that wiped out an entire city was slightly more interesting…but only slightly.

This is a lot of terrible things rolled into one epically terrible show. As you can probably guess, I won’t be watching any more.

Out of 5 Dios:


If I had the patience to watch more of this, he would probably be my favorite character.