Okay, so it turns out I WASN’T as far behind on First Impressions as I initially thought.  I’m waiting on one series to get aired and one other series to get subbed.  If that one series doesn’t get subbed within a week I’m probably not going to do a review on that because most series are into their third episode this week already.  I just don’t have the time to wait for that.

Anyway, have a review.

Yes, it’s a male lead who has a fetish for twin-tails. Yes, it’s still creepy.


Soji is a high school dude who REALLY loves the twin-tail hairstyle on girls.  One of his childhood friends is Aika, a black-haired girl sporting this very hairstyle.  One day, while hanging out at the café owned by Soji’s mother; Soji and Aika are accosted by a strange, white-haired scientist lady, who foists a magical wrist band onto Soji’s wrist.  She then transports the three of them to an outside location where some mysterious monsters are attacking.

Aika is the only sane person in this whole series. Well, somewhat.

These monsters seem to be seeking out twin-tailed girls, in order to rid them of their “twin-tailed power.”  Which in this case just means that they get rid of the girls’ hairstyle, and also remove any motivation the girl had to continue sporting that look.  Of course, this incenses Soji, and; on the scientist’s urging, he transforms—into a twin-tailed red-headed girl.

This is the entire plot of the series. THIS IS ACTUALLY THE ENTIRE PLOT.

Are we supposed to be taking these enemies seriously or not? The world may never know.

Due to his love for twin-tails, he’s able to defeat the monsters and is able to restore all the girls’ twin-tails.  But, it turns out that what he defeated was only a minor mook, and there are many more enemies on the horizon that seek to rid the world of twin-tails.

My Opinion:

This episode was very jarring to watch after having just watched Shirobako.  Because this looks just like the generic anime that the characters in Shirobako were making.  Generic is probably the best way to describe this episode/series, actually.  It showcases a very clichéd plot with clichéd humor and clichéd characters.

Soji’s a boring male lead who’s only “character trait” is that he’s utterly obsessed with twin-tails on girls.  You know, it’s funny; objectification of female characters is still really damn creepy even when it’s something so seemingly innocent and harmless as twin-tails.  The only good thing I can say about Soji is that at least… he doesn’t creepily grope any of his classmate’s hair.  Other than Soji is the “best friend character who is female and who obviously has a crush on the main character,” and also there’s a scientist whose main purpose is just to be the Ms. Fanservice of the series.

I honestly don’t know what to think about this series.  I can’t tell if it’s meant to be a parody or not, because the basic premise of this show sounds like what people would think up to make fun of anime fans.  And, other than the horribly forced fanservice by way of the scientist lady, the plot is really… childish?  It honestly reminded me of an episode of Precure, except way dumber (and more fanservicey, because of course it is).  Obviously I’m not expecting top-tier writing from a series heavily aimed at a very specific sub-set of otaku, but I seriously wonder sometimes if otaku ever get offended by how blatant a money-grab some anime are.  Well, I say that; but watch this series get super popular and get tons of figures because that always seems to happen with badly written anime whose sole purpose is to appeal to a very specific group of people.  *cough*strike witches*cough*

Overall, this series was dull and boring because it was so damn generic.  I guess the only good thing I can say is that I was honestly expecting worse; because at least Soji doesn’t immediately fondle his boobs when he turns into a girl, like in every other “guy turns into a girl!” anime.  So… good job Soji, for not being an entirely creepy dude.  Still can’t save this series from being generic, though.

Out of five:

precure heart2

I don’t drink, but I’m almost tempted to after watching this series.