The titular alien’s original, much less creepy form

An ordinary boy, Shinichi, is awoken from sleep by a mysterious voice. The next day, Shinichi goes to school despite a strange numbness in his right hand. He meets up with his two female friends, accidentally gropes one’s chest, and in general has a standard anime protagonist day at school. He falls asleep in class and finally remembers the events of the night before. While he slept, a mysterious parasitic creature (which Shinichi mistook for a snake) entered his room and burrowed into his right arm. He succeeded in containing it to his arm by wrapping his headphone cord around his hand, but passed it off as a dream and continued his normal life.

On the way home from school. Shinichi jumps into a road to save a girl from being hit by a car. He successfully stops the car with his right hand, while noticing a mysterious eye embedded in the hand. He panics and attempts to cut off his hand, but it grows a mouth and eyes and begins to talk about how it “failed”.

It turns out that the creature inhabiting Shinichi’s right hand is a parasitic alien who was attempting to eat his body, but got stuck in his right hand instead. Elsewhere, other aliens successfully inhabit human bodies, creating bloody messes and bizarre, humanoid creatures that are slowly learning to speak through television.

Shinichi’s glasses-wearing friend has a pretty great “nope” expression

Shinichi angsts about his situation for a bit, and attempts to continue his normal life . The creature, eager to learn more about the world around it, makes things increasingly more difficult for him. It tells Shinichi that it doesn’t actually remember where it came from, and that it is stuck in his hand because it wasn’t able to reach and devour his brain in time. It proposes a compromise of coexistance, as amputating it would cause both its death and the loss of Shinichi’s right hand. Shinichi reluctantly agrees, not desiring to sacrifice either his right hand or his normal life.

The next day, the alien senses the presence of another of its species, this one inhabiting the body of a dog. The “dog” attacks them and Shinichi and the alien work together to kill it. The alien muses that it will have no problem continuing to kill those of its own kind.

I laughed at Shinichi trying to Google his problem

Fans of horror will probably love this series. The premise is unique and interesting, it’s plenty gory, and has some psychological elements as well, with Shinichi’s desperate attempts to control his newly inhabited right hand. Those who are squeamish, stay away – besides the blood, this series relies heavily on body horror, with the parasite-inhabited humans (and the dog, and Shinichi’s hand) transforming into a variety of bizarre forms. Even the alien’s default form, (a single eye and a large-lipped mouth coming out of Shinichi’s palm, with several tentacles that it uses to grab things) is pretty creepy – and the antagonistic parasites are far less tame-looking.

Besides the unique premise, this series has other good points. The music is really interesting, with a mix of typical “horror” score (complete with requisite creepy chanting in the next episode preview) and more technological/industrial sounding pieces. The animation is fairly nice, though some of the characters (especially Shinichi’s teacher and his school friends) have some strange facial expressions even without the parasitic aliens inhabiting their bodies.

I liked this series well enough (despite it containing yet ANOTHER example of ‘protagonist accidentally grabs girl’s boob’) and will probably continue to watch it. However, since I can be fairly squeamish in regards to gore/body horror, I’ll likely be watching this at too slow of a pace to maintain weekly reviews. Therefore, since this was my last First Impression of the season, I can say that I’ve decided on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso to review as well as hoping Moeronpan with Fate/stay night.

Regardless, it was a good series, if a little over the top gory. Out of 5 Dios:

dio  dio 1/2

The hand parasite’s default form. It only gets weirder from there.