I’m really going to be looking forwards to weekends now that I have an episode of Magic Kaito waiting for me.

Kaito, do you have a death wish?

Episode 2 Summary:

Kaito continues stealing gems as Kaito Kid in order to lure out his father’s killer.  However, after a successful heist one night, Kaito gets a mysterious phone call from someone.  The person on the other end threatens to end his life should he continue stealing precious gems.  Kaito’s a little concerned, but he nonetheless resolves to keep stealing in order to accomplish his goal.

Not long after this, Aoko announces that it’s her birthday.  Kaito promises to show up to the party, but; unbeknownst to her, he has to complete another heist first.  This time, the object to be stolen is a large sapphire named “Blue Birthday.”  Kaito easily steals it, but gets apprehended on the roof by a gang of shady people.  Their leader shoots Kaito off the roof, and brings back the Blue Birthday to their boss.

If you guys thought that was just a little too easy… well, you’re right.

The boss man explains that he’s receiving orders from a higher-up to steal precious gems, as one of them contains the Pandora’s gem hidden inside.  And this gem supposedly has the power to give someone eternal youth.  Kaito suddenly makes a surprise appearance here, surprising the shady group.  He was only able to survive thanks to the real Blue Birthday that he kept in his breast pocket.  After hearing the information he needed to know, he gives the boss man the real gem, which secretly had a transmitter implanted in it by the police.  As the police swarm the place, Kaito makes his escape.

Getting some real Tuxedo Mask vibes here.

Unfortunately, Kaito is now late to Aoko’s birthday, so he puts on an improvised magic trick instead.

My Opinion:

This episode was pretty good.  The art style seems to have stabilized a bit by now, as there weren’t scenes with jerky movements like there were in episode 1.  I also think the pacing of the episode was great.  A lot of things happened, but it was all coherent and understandable.  This episode went by way too fast, honestly; which speaks to how interesting the premise is.  (or rather, how much of a fan I am haha…)

I really like that we get to see how Kaito’s magic tricks are pulled off in real-time.  In the manga, we get much less explanation for them—in the early chapters the explanation for some of the more grandiose tricks was basically just “because Kaito’s that good of a magician *handwave*”  While the tricks pulled off here are still pretty… out there in terms of believability, at least the episode writers attempted to keep the magic tricks realistic.  I say “attempted” because Kaito and Jii still have access to a godly professor/inventor, who is implied to be the professor that provides Conan (of Detective Conan) with his gadgets.

The only real thing I have to criticize is that it’s never fully stated just HOW Kaito realized the Blue Birthday had a tracking device on it.  I know it beeps when he gives it to the shady boss-man, but it wasn’t beeping that obviously before.  Was that a plot hole, or did the gem not start beeping until a few minutes after Kaito got his hands on it?  Ah well.

Overall, this was a pretty great second episode.  Second episodes of anime tend to be rather dull because they’re info-dumps; but Magic Kaito managed to provide some info-dumping whilst still keeping things tense and interesting.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Episode 3 Summary:

Ordering ice cream at a classy adult’s bar… that’s not suspicious at all.

Kaito and Aoko visit Jii’s bar to play billiards, and learn that Jii had lost a prized cue in the past to a man named Hasura.  Hasura was actually under orders from a gang leader, and Jii’s chalk had been tempered with, resulting in the lost.  Upon hearing this, Kaito is determined to retrieve the cue to repay Jii’s help.

Jii, Kaito, and Aoko all sneak into Hasura’s bar that night, and into the secret room where Hasura is playing.  Kaito arrogantly enters into a match with Hasura, though he ends up losing big.  However, as one final match, Kaito offers up Jii’s bar against the cue that Jii lost.  And… Kaito unexpectedly wins!  However, the gang leader is not so quick to offer up the cue, and pulls guns on everyone.  Fortunately, Kaito Kid swoops in to save the day—and to steal the cue.  Seeing this, Hasura begs Kaito Kid to return the cue to the boy who had just beat him in the pool match.  Seeing that Hasura is a noble hustler, Kaito Kid returns the cue to its new rightful owner.

This scene was too funny. Also, man am I bad at taking screencaps for this series.

And so, the cue is rightfully returned back to Jii, though Kaito’s sudden “luck” at billiards may not be simply luck…

My Opinion:

I quite enjoyed this episode, and it foreshadows good things for this series.  This episode is taken from a chapter in the Kaito Kid manga that has never been animated.  While there was a Kaito Kid special two years back, they only animated a handful of the manga chapters.  I really hope the new anime series animates one of my favorite chapters.  I’m not going to say which, because that would spoil the entire story, but I still really loved that chapter despite it being totally ridiculous.

Anyway, this is sort of a more laid back story compared to the Kid’s other exploits—mainly because it deals more with Kaito himself than his alter ego.  Also, while it does involve magic, it’s not as flashy as his other heists.  But what I really like about this story is that it highlights the relationship Kaito has with Jii.  Kaito Kid mainly steals heavily protected, precious gems in order to further his goal.  But Kaito goes out of his way here in order to pay back Jii for his work.  I think that’s really sweet, even if Kaito acts arrogant as hell about it.  Also, Jii doesn’t have much focus in the manga, so I’m glad that Jii’s getting more of the spotlight in this anime.

Overall, this was a fun episode that still manages to have the usual Kaito Kid-level excitement.  You wouldn’t expect a game of billiards to be so “action-packed” but it works here.  Also, Aoko totally needs to get more involved in the series, because she’s pretty great.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

(yeah, I liked it just a tad more than the previous episode)

A magician never reveals his tricks, I suppose…