Yeah, I’m gonna be blogging this series too.  It’s just such an enjoyably fun and silly series that I can’t not blog it.

Yes, really.

Episode 2 Summary:

Kokkuri-san thinks that Kohina is being bullied because she always looks so sullen, so he tries to get her to act more human by smiling.  It… doesn’t work out well.

In the next act, Kohina meets a strange man named Inugami.  And he actually turns out to be a dog-ghost who is absolutely obsessed with Kohina.  Obviously Kokkuri doesn’t take this well, and the two form a fierce rivalry as they fight over Kohina’s affections.


I have no idea why, but this screencap makes me laugh an inordinate amount.

Episode 3 Summary:


Kokkuri’s and Inugami’s fierce rivalry continues.  Kohina attempts to discipline Inugami a bit because the stress of watching over Inugami has been wearing Kokkuri out.  But she quickly gets bored of the routine and it’s back to square one.

Kokkuri still has the best animal form (imo)

A memory of the past…

One day, Kohina attempts to summon Kokkuri again for fun, and instead summons a tanuki spirit in the shape of an old, drunk man.

My Opinion:

This series is just really fun to watch.  While the first episode didn’t make me laugh, the second and third episodes of this series had me in stitches.  Episode 2 was the better one, in my opinion; because it’s the episode where Inugami is first introduced, and we get a glimpse of Kokkuri’s and Inugami’s interactions.  By episode 3 their fighting already began to get a bit stale; so I’m glad we get another new character by the end of the episode.  Hopefully the tanuki guy will bring the right amount of balance we need in this cast of characters to keep things interesting.

This series showcases a fairly wide range of humor—there’s the standard slap-stick fare; the “anime characters shouting at each other and over-reacting” fare; sight gags; verbal gags; drawn-out gags… and basically everything in-between.  Really, it’s the well-written interactions between the characters that just makes the humor flow so well.  Kokkuri acts like an adorable doting mother (or father), Inugami is weird and creepy (and fortunately for everyone Kokkuri keeps him from being TOO creepy), and Kohina is just… Kohina.  The cast dynamic so far is great for comedy, and I have high hopes for the new tanuki guy.

Comedy aside, this anime can also be rather “deep” when it wants to be.  I’m really curious as to just what Kokkuri promised to Kohina in the past, which made him stay with her.  It’s quite a clichéd plot point in anime, but I don’t particularly mind it being used in this series.

Overall, a good series so far.  Even though episode 3 was a little less funny, each episode still nonetheless manages to bring a smile to my face.  Let’s hope that continues.

Out of five for episode 2:

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Out of five for episode 3:

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Maybe it’s just me but I think Kohina actually looks way more unsettling when she smiles…