Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 5

Right after I said that reviews for this series might be delayed, the subs for this episode came out surprisingly early.  So… have a review.

You know how I said before that this series at least tries to stay somewhat realistic? Well, about that…


We are introduced to Akako in this episode, who is a real witch who can use magic!  Akako masquerades as a normal high school girl during the day, and is somewhat obsessed with getting all the men in the world under her control.  After being told by a magic mirror (…don’t ask) that Kaito Kid is the only one whom she can’t put under her spell, Akako is immediately enraged.

Not long after, it’s Valentine’s day!  Kaito runs around happily collecting chocolates from all the girls.  When he gets to Akako, he also asks for some; but she says he can only have hers if he throws away the chocolates given to him by the other girls.  Hearing this, Kaito calmly denies her offer, and Akako quickly realizes that Kaito is actually the famed Kaito Kid.

Gosh Kaito is almost criminally cute here.

Later, Kaito asks Jii whether real magic exists, and Jii (amazingly) confirms it.  That night, while Kaito is preparing for another heist; Akako is preparing some red magic spells to set upon the Kid.  And indeed when Kaito tries to steal his target, things immediately go awry.  After being injured and tortured via voodoo doll, Kaito is whisked away and comes face to face with Akako; eventually landing on a magic circle engulfed in flames.  Akako says she’ll make the pain go away if Kaito eats a chocolate heart infused with magic, that will essentially make Kaito her slave.  Fortunately, it starts to snow, negating Akako’s powers.  Thus, Kaito is able to escape, and proves once again to Akako that she cannot win his heart.

Note to self: never go thieving on a night when there’s a FREAKING HUGE OMINOUS RED MOON
I just absolutely love this shot. Don’t talk to me.

Akako is heartbroken by this, but slowly realizes that using her powers to gain attention and “love” makes for a very lonely world.


My Opinion:

I loved this episode.  I was always rather fond of Akako’s introduction in the manga series too, so I thought the anime handled this very well.

While some people may not like the introduction of “real magic” so suddenly and unexpectedly in a series about magicians, I think it works.  Akako doesn’t use her magic as blatantly in the later chapters of Magic Kaito, so she probably won’t be pulling too many spells in the anime.  (At least, I hope)  Also, I think it adds a nice element of “actual magic and slight-of-hand magic, which is better?”  That particular conflict is so rarely used in anime (for obvious reasons).

The one big thing I didn’t like about this episode was Jii inexplicably knowing about “real” magic when Kaito asked him about it.  The long and detailed explanation about magic was just so ridiculous and far-fetched coming from a magician’s apprentice that I really expected Jii to add a “just kidding!” to the end of it.  But it was played in a completely dead-serious tone that made the whole thing a little hard to swallow.

Overall, a great episode; possibly even better than Hakuba’s introductory episode (but then again, I’m somewhat biased).  There were a lot of lovely angles during Kaito’s and Akako’s “showdown,” and the animation managed to stay on the higher end (for the most part) in this episode.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


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