I normally don’t do the spoiler warning thing anymore, but episode 6 is best watched blind for maximum impact. So… SPOILER WARNING!

Eating cup ramen in school like a boss.

Episode 5 Summary:

Kohina is a loner at her school, but she never feels as if she is actually bullied.  That is, until she meets a girl (who she nicknames “Jimeko”) who has been leaving flowers on her desk in an attempt to get a rise out of her.  Of course, with Kohina being Kohina, it’s only Jimeko that ends up getting upset.

“I was too shy to talk to you and become friends, so I decided to bully you instead because anime”

In the next act, Kokkuri-san decides to start coming to Kohina’s school in disguise as a “schoolboy” in order to help Kohina make friends.  Inugami also decides to go to school too after seeing this.  Spirit-related shenanigans inevitably ensue.

This is the best cap I will ever take ever.

This cap is actually way more funny out of context.

Episode 6 Summary:

Well, that’s pretty par for the course for Shigaraki…

Kohina has spent so much time around Kokkuri, Inugami, and Shigaraki that she’s developed a sixth sense and is now able to see spirits.  Kokkuri warns Kohina not to make eye-contact or get close to these spirits, as they are dangerous to humans.  However, Kohina breaks that rule when she spies an injured Cyclops spirit.  Shigaraki is the one who catches her with it, but Kohina makes him promise not to tell Kokkuri about it.


Kohina soon becomes rather attached to the Cyclops spirit, which worries Shigaraki so he keeps a close eye on her.  One day, Kohina trips and falls, causing her knee to bleed.  The Cyclops spirit licks her wound clean, but Shigaraki is disturbed by this and quickly escorts Kohina home.  That night, the Cyclops spirit pays a visit to Kohina’s house, and nearly kills the girl in her sleep; having developed a taste for human blood.  Fortunately, Shigaraki has been keeping watch, and kills the spirit; though it curses him with a scar over his eye before it dies.  Not wanting for Kohina to go through the pain of not being able to coexist with these spirits, Shigaraki decides to seal Kohina’s sixth sense in order to give her a happy life.

And this is where the feels hit me.

At the very end of the episode, we also get a small skit where Kokkuri and Inugami have a private moment together, and Inugami proclaims that he hates everything that isn’t Kohina.

My Opinion:

Episode 5 was a little bland.  It mostly concerned school antics and the introduction of a new (human!) character.  I’m on the fence about how I feel about Jimeko.  On the one hand, I do like that she was written as a tsundere taken to absurd lengths, and I do like that the series makes a big deal about how she has no friends because of it, instead of making it come off as an “endearing” trait like in so many other anime.  Because, let’s face it; a real person who acts like the way tsunderes are portrayed in anime would be extremely annoying and unlikeable.  But, since Jimeko IS a tsundere, she ended up becoming sort of annoying towards the mid-point of the episode.  As she’s a human character, she probably won’t play too big a role in future episodes (I hope).

Episode 5 was a lot funnier after Kokkuri and Inugami got involved.  But honestly, I still feel like the humor wasn’t as sharp as it could have been, since this episode mainly concerned a more slap-stick fare of comedy.  Which I guess is fine in small doses, but man did this episode feel long.

Episode 6 was a far better episode overall.  It managed to have some clever writing, some heartwarming plot, and it even managed to redeem Shigaraki—all in one episode!  Even though this series is still rather episodic in nature, episode 6 felt like it had much more plot to it than usual.  This episode almost fully focuses on Shigaraki, if not for the skit between Kokkuri and Inugami at the end.  Honestly, the episode could have ended when Shigaraki’s plot was resolved, and I would have been fine with it.

That said, I’m feeling rather lukewarm about that final skit.  It’s not so much funny as… well, depressing?  It certainly gives a lot more insight into Inugami’s character.  I’m glad that the anime director(s) decided to put that skit at the very end, AFTER the credits.  That skit would have meshed horribly with the rest of the episode otherwise.  I’m guessing that Shigaraki’s plot couldn’t be stretched out any further, so Kokkuri’s and Inugami’s convo was tacked on at end to fill in time.  It feels like a special extra that way, so I won’t knock down any points from the episode for that.

Overall, episode 5 is a must-watch if only for Kokkuri in a school-boy outfit, while episode 6 is a must-watch because the writing is SO DAMN GOOD.  Even if you don’t like Shigaraki (I certainly didn’t), I’m guessing you’ll still probably enjoy this one.  I really love it when “comedy” anime manage to surprise me in this way, while still making me smile.  Kudos to you, Gugure Kokkuri-san.

Out of five for episode 5:

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Out of five for episode 6:

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I understand why Kohina is rarely shown un-chibified; but I wish she could appear more like this. She’s quite lovely.