Don’t get TOO cocky now, Kid. You know how well that turned out last time.


Kaito Kid’s next target is clock tower, which has jewels embedded into its hour and minute hands.  The day before the heist, Aoko seems strangely agitated by this, while Akako warns Kaito that his fortune for that heist is bad.  Kaito, however, just shrugs it off.

…why are all of Kid’s fans dudes?

On the night of the heist, Kaito immediately runs into some trouble, as the police can almost read his every move.  It seems that an up and coming teenage prodigy has joined the police team that night—a young man named Kudou Shinichi.  Despite some very close-calls, the Kid still manages to “steal” the clock tower’s hands.  Although his little magic trick of the night is quickly seen through by Shinichi, the Kid ultimately gets away, having accomplished his goal.  The Kid left a strange code in the face of the clock tower, so the police decide to take over the entire tower because it is now evidence.

Do not try this at home, kids.

On the ground, Aoko had been standing in the midst of a large crowd, watching the entire spectacle unfold.  The reason she had been so upset about the night’s heist is because the clock tower holds a very special meaning to her.  It was the very place where she and Kaito first met as children.  The clock tower had been set to be moved, but due to the Kid’s meddling, it is now saved.  Kaito soon meets up with Aoko, greeting her in the same way he had all those years ago.

The city scene here is just so lovely.

My Opinion:

Here it is, the famed Shinichi vs. Kaito Kid chapter.  What did I think of it?  Well, I thought it was pretty good!

Shinichi is a really dangerous rival, who could honestly give Hakuba a run for his money.  Yes, we’re talking about the famed Shinichi of Detective Conan fame, here.  This is probably the first time the two teenage prodigies meet time-line wise.  Maybe I’m biased, but I do find Shinichi a much more interesting detective than Hakuba (sorry, Hakuba).   However, the episode does make it pretty obvious that Aoyama based Shinichi’s character (personality and design) on Kaito’s.  They look almost exactly the same, if not for Shinichi’s ahoge on the back of his head.  And… is it just me, or did they sound almost exactly the same?  I’ll have to look it up later, but it felt like they had the same voice actor for this episode.

Anyway, I really liked this episode’s plot, which really just boiled down to Kaito trying to salvage a beloved landmark of Aoko’s, simply because he is Kaito Kid and he can.  I actually rather like the “filler” chapters of the Kaito Kid series, where the Kid doesn’t steal any jewels relating to the main plotline of “is this the Pandora gem?!?”  I like these types of plots because they give the series time to flesh out the characters.  And of course there can be cameos from Aoyama’s other famous works too.

The animation quality was a little bit less consistent this time around, though it seems that A-1 Pictures has finally cooled it with the over-elongated noses in side profile.  Other than that, this was great episode.

Out of five:

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Oh Kaito, always the charmer even as a kid, huh?