Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episodes 7 and 8

A batch review of the latest two Magic Kaito episodes will (hopefully) be out sometime this week.  I was aiming to at least get a review of one episode out, but with the holidays fast approaching I’ve been busier than ever.

Anyway we have another spoilerific pair of episodes for Kokkuri-san, so SPOILER WARNING.

Guess who she’s talking about. Just guess.

Episode 7 Summary:

Kokkuri and gang are introduced to Tama, a self-proclaimed “cat-god” who runs a traditional-style café.  She is absolutely obsessed with creepy dolls, and kidnaps Kohina due to her doll-like appearance.  Kokkuri and gang attempt to bust Kohina out of the café, but there’s a strange barrier surrounding it.  Meanwhile, Tama attempts to mold Kohina into the perfect doll.  Kohina soon gets tired of this and manages to bust herself out.

The funniest part is that he clearly says “Google” even though the screencap for the site says “Gaagle”.
Tama’s cat form is quite cute.
Kohina: the biggest badass out of the entire cast.

In the next skit, Kokkuri decides to clean out Kohina’s storehouse, not realizing that all the items there are cursed.  After opening a box that explicitly states not to open it, Kokkuri gets turned into… a woman.  When Kokkuri meets with the rest of the gang in this state, things go as predicted, with Shigaraki shamelessly hitting on him.  The episode ends without Kokkuri having found a way to break the curse.

Kokkuri-san, you are way too cute as a woman.

My Opinion:

Tama is (despite her creeper tendencies) quite adorable.  She is also the first female spirit (barring Inugami’s transformations) to be introduced.  With the cast being very male-oriented, I’m quite happy to have another major female character on the team.  I was not expecting her to be as… creepy as she turned out to be, but I guess that’s the joy of watching Gugure Kokkuri-san—it’s full of surprises!

New character aside, this entire episode was pretty hilarious.  Kokkuri and co. being utterly useless at rescuing Kohina made me laugh out loud; especially at the part where Kokkuri’s attempts to rescue Kohina devolve into him threatening to write bad reviews for Tama’s café.  I also did like the humor of Shigaraki hitting on Kokkuri in female form, but I understand that it could definitely be really uncomfortable for people.  Just because Shigaraki being a shameless pervert is a joke, it doesn’t make the unfortunate implications go away.

Anyway, I still really enjoyed this episode (and damn if girl Kokkuri isn’t the cutest thing), so…

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Episode 8 Summary:

One big happy family?

Kokkuri is still stuck as a woman, so Shigaraki takes everyone to a hot spring town where there’s a rumored hot spring that can undo curses.  Of course, Shigaraki’s intentions are a little less than pure…

Geeze Kokkuri, do you carry that frying pan everywhere you go?

After a relaxing hot spring dip and hearty dinner, Kokkuri sets out to find the magical hot spring, with Shigaraki tagging along (and Kohina and Inugami following along to spy on the two lest Shigaraki does something inappropriate).  Kokkuri is unsuccessful in his search, so it ends up just becoming a sort of bonding moment between Kokkuri and Shigaraki.  Kokkuri reveals that he wants to turn back into a man because he can’t stand the thought of relying on others.  Shigaraki comforts him by saying that it’s noble to want to be independent, but everyone needs help from others once in a while, and that’s not a bad thing.

The entire night scene was just so lovely…
Shigaraki, maybe if you were more like this and less of a creep, more people would like you.

Fortunately for Kokkuri, and unfortunately for Shigaraki, Kokkuri manages to turn back into a man at the worst possible moment…

My Opinion:

Ugh this episode was so good.  It continues to amaze me that Shigaraki-centered episodes are so well-written, and it also amazes me that Shigaraki can pull off being a shameless pervert and a kind-hearted soul AT THE SAME TIME.  That is truly the hallmark of good characterization.

Of course, this episode is not without some criticisms.  Yes, being a hot springs episode, there was fanservice.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad, as there’s no actual nudity (except on Shigaraki’s end, hah).  Another criticism is that there are a ton of unfortunate implications for girl!Kokkuri suddenly devolving into some sort of weak, “delicate flower.”  But the major focus is more on Kokkuri’s and Shigaraki’s relationship so I’ll let it slide.

Saying that, man did this episode ship those two HARD.  So this is what Shigaraki is like when he tries to be romantic, huh?  While I still think he’s a creep, this episode did make me realize how good Shigaraki’s VA is.

Overall, I really loved this episode.  The atmosphere and animation was top notch in the latter half, and I really loved the music box ED theme we got at the end.  This episode is definitely a little more somber than past episodes, but the plot was so well-written.  While the moral is kind of “been there, done that” in anime (the message that it’s okay to rely on others when times are hard is a staple of anime), it’s still a message that I’m fond of, ‘cause god knows I’m definitely guilty of not wanting to be a burden on others.  And geeze, Shigaraki, for someone who tries to make himself out to be really bad, you sure do have a heart of gold at times.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

*whispers* I kinda ship them now……….

2 thoughts on “Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episodes 7 and 8

  1. mochirochi November 24, 2014 / 11:54 pm

    I think we all kind of shipped them in this episode. I liked how we saw a nicer side to him when he protected Kohina and didn’t tell anyone about it, but this episode really made me me love Shigaraki even more than before. Even though I was happy Kokkuri-san is a guy again, I wouldn’t mind if he remained a female so that Shigaraki could be happy forever.

    • Ariana November 25, 2014 / 3:13 pm

      I may sound like I hated Shigaraki in this review but he’s pretty much become my favorite character. I hope they release plushies for this series because a plush of Shigaraki in his plush form would be ADORABLE.

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