Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episode 9

Do… do spirits even need to dye their hair????


Kokkuri notices that his hair has begun to fall out, and worries that he’s going bald.  He worries so much that he ends up becoming paranoid and buys a bunch of hair growth products and uses them all at once.  The result is just as you would expect…

Shibaraki’s relationship with Kohina is still the best.
Kokkuri remains a narcissist to the end.

In the next skit, the focus switches to Inugami.  Inugami notices that it’s already been a year since he’s lived with Kohina, and yet their relationship has still not “advanced.”  Thus, he tries unsuccessfully to woo her, and even tries running away to make her go after him.  This plan just back-fires and causes Inugami to run away for real.

Poor Inugami… I mean, I’d feel more sorry for you if you weren’t so creepily obsessed with Kohina, but still

My Opinion:

This was an okay episode.  Not really one of my favorites since the humor this time was pretty cruel.  First off, we have Kokkuri worrying to the point that he ended up in a hospital, and then we have Inugami pretty much being ignored and abandoned by his friends.  I mean, I get that Inugami wasn’t the nicest character to live with, but just outright ignoring him like that was pretty harsh.  At least Shibaraki attempted to amend things, but it just made things worse.  Hopefully Inugami hasn’t left the cast for good, because things just aren’t the same without him around.

Cruel humor aside, there’s some interesting tidbits thrown about here.  It’s revealed that Kokkuri actually dyes his hair in his animal form.  I had always wondered why Kokkuri has golden hair as a fox but silver hair as a human… well, this episode explains why.  Also, we learn some more about Inugami’s back-story, and it’s about as sad as you’d expect.

Overall, I just couldn’t enjoy this episode too much, because I don’t really like comedy that just bashes one character (or characters).  At least there were a lot of cute moments between Kohina and Shibaraki.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2


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