Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 9

‘Moeronpan was really damn busy all week and literally only got the time to see this episode yesterday.’

In the aftermath of the attack on the school, many students are hospitalized – including Sakura – but are luckily expected to make a full recovery.  As for Shinji, he managed to book it all the way to the church to request protection from Kirei – a right all magi apparently have should their servant be defeated. After all, even servantless masters are at risk of being killed by other contestants of the Holy Grail war as insurance in case they manage to summon another servant. Yet, when Kirei tells him that he’s the first to request protection, Shinji is overcome by shame and throws a ridiculous tantrum like the pinnacle of maturity he is. Kirei then decides to offer him a second chance, in the form of another servant…

Now that Rin has managed to narrow Caster’s mystery Master down to somebody in the school, she immediately starts to suspect Issei – after all, he comes from Ryuudou Temple, where Caster has made her base. Shirou decides to prove whether or not Issei is a Master by…forcibly stripping his clothes to look for magic crests or command seals in a flurry of innuendo and man-service. As it turns out, he isn’t. Rin, meanwhile, is still perplexed by the mysterious blond man who keeps hanging around the front of Sakura’s house, who any established Fate fan can recognize instantly.

You aren’t the only Fate character that does that, Archer.
This face is so cute.
I was trying to take a screencap of the shot of Kirei and paused it a split second too late, however this inexplicably unnecessary shot of Shinji’s ass I got on my screen instead made me laugh so much I’m including it.

Sorry again about how late this review is – it’s been a rough week that ended even worse than it begun, but I had this review half done so I’m going to post it on the day the next episode airs because whatever.
This episode had significantly less action than the previous ones – but it’s kind of nice to take a breather. The mystery of Caster’s Master is still being drawn out, but we can hopefully get to the bottom of it soon. Perhaps a bigger mystery is whether it was actually her that killed Rider, because her death didn’t seem like the kind of thing Caster could do. Unless her magic is capable of creating that kind of slamming force, because the ‘crime scene’ looked far more like the work of an enemy that uses hulking brute strength. An enemy like Berserker, for example.

I’m glad that Saber has decided to step up her bodyguard game and demand to sleep close by Shirou (closeby being in the next room, but whatever) in light of him being attacked in his sleep before, but I’m gladder still that she pointed out immediately that it was entirely his fault. Because it was, and you shouldn’t have to shoulder any blame for your charge being a gigantic moron, Sabes.

I actually really liked how foreboding and creepy the scene with Shinji in the church was. Ufotable are just masters at using lighting and music to convey different moods, and there was a real sense of suspense here. I was actually expecting something terrible to happen to Shinji at any second (especially when he started having a tantrum) – and I know Kirei well enough to know that him giving Shinji a new servant is not an act of charity. What do you have in store for him, you creepy bastard?

Of course the scene with poor Issei was also pretty great, especially since it was shown with only words in the visual novel. He really is the best side-character besides Taiga.

And you are most creepy, Kirei.
this scene sure happened
There was a really lovely afternoon glow over this scene.

Out of 5,

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