Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episode 10

I’ve been leaving you guys hanging for too long so have this review of Kokkuri-san while I try to catch up on Magic Kaito. I’ve been super swamped by holiday stuff, but I’ll try to at least get a batch review of Magic Kaito out sometime tomorrow.

Anyway, there are actually quite a few twists here so SPOILER WARNING!

I actually had to do a double-take to make sure I was watching the right anime.


Kokkuri-san and Kohina decide to cross the mountains one winter day in order to catch a grocery sale in the next town over.  On their way across the mountain, they spy a maple tree that still has all its leaves, which are as red as if it were autumn.  Under that tree they meet a strange girl named Kureha, who has been waiting for her lover to come back for a long time.  She asks them a favor—that is, to find her lover in the next village over and bring him back to her.

Kureha has a pretty cute design.
Most of my caps for this episode are of Kureha and the maple tree and I am not ashamed.

As Kokkuri and Kohina finish their shopping, Kokkuri muses about the strange girl… and Shigaraki somehow manages to tag along with them both.  They decide to go to the tengu in charge of the mountain and ask him about the girl.  Tengu reveals that the girl and her lover died decades ago, and that the girl’s spirit is bound to the tree.  Thus, Kokkuri and gang return to the tree in an attempt to get her to cross into the afterlife.  But, that may not be as easy as it sounds…

Man Shigaraki, you had such a great chance to look cool and then you blew it.

Meanwhile, Inugami has been traveling the world, and finally decides to go back home to Kohina.

Who cares about Inugami though, have more screencaps of this tree.

My Opinion:

The humor in this episode was rather subdued, but that’s alright because the tone of this episode was much more somber.  Even though Kureha seems to be a one-off character, I’m glad that her story got to be told because I am a huge sucker for these types of things.

The animation in this episode was really lovely, and was probably the highlight of the episode.  And Kureha’s tale was just really great.  I mean, it’s very typical romantic fare, but that twist at the end still surprised me.  (And yeah, I’m not gonna spoil that here even though I already put a spoiler warning on this review.)  Honestly, the humor in this episode felt more forced than anything else, but I do admit Shigaraki pulling out a CELL PHONE to contact the dead was hilarious.

Overall, a good episode.  Not very funny, but I always like it when “comedy” series can pull of more serious episodes just as well.  And the less said about that Tengu, the better.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


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